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Waltz into Fire #NewRelease #romance #suspense #PNR #NewSeries #books #reading

Fallon and Zane must trust one another if they hope to win the desperate race against time with their souls on the line.

Waltz into Fire
What would you do if you heard fire whispering in your ear? Would you listen? What if that fire led you to your soul mate...only to discover he had two weeks left to live? Would you walk away or seize the time remaining? What if, during those few days, you learned the man you loved was linked to an evil entity? Do you trust your love?

Firefighter, Fallon Anderson, believes she’s gone mad. While she searches for a young boy in a blazing house, the fire speaks to her, guiding her to his location. Once she has him safely outside, the boy is whisked off to the hospital while a handsome paramedic onsite tends to her injuries. Though she’s sworn off men since her last boyfriend broke her heart, she might make an exception for the attractive medic.

Zane West’s days are numbered. Down to less than three weeks, he spends what time he has left saving lives. He’s impressed by the sexy firefighter carrying the kid from the burning home. Attraction flares, but with only a few days of his life remaining, what would be the point of starting a relationship? However, her injuries dictate otherwise, and when he patches up Fallon, sparks fly between them…literally.

Passion ignites regardless of the secrets they both struggle to keep hidden. And it’s those very secrets that hurl them into a paranormal battle. Fallon and Zane will have to trust one another with their deepest fears if they hope to win the desperate race against time where the prize on the line is their souls. Only together can they hope to survive.

AVAILABLE Now at Amazon and Kindle Unlimited

Coming Soon! 
Book 2 of the Sentinel Series - Embrace the Earth

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#NewRelease #romance #suspense #PNR #NewSeries #books #reading

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Release Day!

The Ravens
A Shadow Bluff Story
~Book 1~
By L.J. Garland & Debbie Gould

Small-town sheriff, Alex Pillsner has always called Shadow Bluff Island his home. He grew up here. Got his first job here. He even fell in love here. Hard. With a ring in his pocket, he went to her house to propose. But she’d already packed up and left the island…and him. Problem is, even after fourteen years, she’s the only woman his heart wants.

The day she graduated high school, Darla Markos left Shadow Bluff Island and never looked back. But fourteen years later, circumstances change and the island beckons her. As a single mother, she only wants to focus on her new business venture and her daughter. However, with her first step on the island, her past catches up to her…a sexy sheriff who proves to be a delicious distraction.

But long before Alex and Darla, before the quaint town of Shadow Bluff ever appeared, other forces were at work on the island. Oh, they’ve heard the folklore, even witnessed the occasional odd happening. But neither believes it’s more than late-night tales told to spook children. However, when Alex’s quiet life suddenly turns upside down and an evil entity threatens Darla and her daughter, he’ll be forced to make decisions he’s never imagined.

BUY: Amazon | Kindle Unlimited

Shadow Bluff Series
While Shadow Bluff may appear to be a sleepy little town, with its summer tourists,
friendly townsfolk, and picture-perfect landscapes of old-growth forests and green fields

overlooking the deep-blue ocean, all is not as it may seem. Few know the details of
the island’s past, and many have lived out their lives there without knowledge
or notice of the subtle supernatural pulse. But that will change….
For the island is alive and hungry for mischievous happenings. 

Once you visit Shadow Bluff, you just might never leave.... 


What Readers Are Saying:

Flamingo Gal~
February 20, 2018
t wait until the next one in the series!

Anne Heatherington~
A great start to a series with romance, suspense, and interesting paranormal twists. The ending makes me really look forward to the second book to see what happens next on Shadow Bluff, especially after reading the sample provided at the end of this one. A very enjoyable read.

Amazon Reader~
January 22, 2018
I love love love this book! It keep me captivated and I couldn't wait to turn the page and see what happened next! I can't wait for the sequel to see how this journey continues!

January 19, 2018

Avid Reader~
Darla and her daughter Robin are moving to Shadow Bluff, Maine, Darla’s hometown. It’s steeped in mystery, beauty, and secrets. Alex, Darla’s first love, still lives there, and he hasn’t gotten over her. She thought she’d moved on, but, the moment she sees him, all of those long-buried emotions rise to the surface. As they navigate these potentially treacherous waters of love, something otherworldly stalks Darla and her daughter.

Against the beautiful backdrop of Maine in winter, L.J. Garland and Debbie Gould have woven a tale of love, suspense, and supernatural events. All of the characters are well-drawn and believable. Darla is understandably overprotective, hard-working, smart, and likable. Robin is a good kid, wise beyond her years, and sassy. Alex is sexy, intelligent, and the guy you’d want on your side every day of the week.

One of the things I really liked about this book is the authors didn’t try to force added conflict between Darla and Alex. Once they worked through what happened to break them up in the past, they were able to move on with their relationship. This is true to life. Yes, challenges will arise, but I don’t like it when it feels like the conflict is manufactured to pad the story, making the book longer than it needs to be. For me, that’s distracting and annoying.

Instead, we have ghosts and other supernatural happenings, that make one look into the dark corners of one’s house and wonder if they’re alone, moving the story forward. This is exactly the type of book I enjoy reading. Of course, I questioned my intelligence for reading this book right before bed, but I had to find out how it ended. I was not disappointed.

If you enjoy paranormal, romance, and things that go bump in the night, you’ll enjoy this book. Lucky for us, this is the first of a series. I, for one, am looking for to the next one.

Phillip Mancuzzo~
January 19, 2018

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Shadow Bluff Series

LJ: Oh look, Debbie! A new series!

Debbie: Uh, yeah. We're the ones writing it.

LJ: Oh, riiiiight. This is the one with the ravens in it....

Debbie: (smacks her upside the head and points) Did you read the title?

LJ: Ow! (rubs head)

Debbie: Cue music....

Opens with soft string instruments and woodwinds....

Announcer, using his deep, suspenseful voice:
While Shadow Bluff may appear to be 
a sleepy little town, 
with its summer tourists, 
friendly townsfolk, 
and picture-perfect landscapes 
of old-growth forests and green fields 
overlooking the deep-blue ocean, 
all is not as it may seem. 

Music darkens, add tympani and brass....
Few know the details of the island’s past, and many have lived out their lives there without knowledge or notice of the subtle supernatural pulse. But that will change…

Music swells....
For the island is alive and hungry for mischievous happenings.

Music stops....

Once you visit Shadow Bluff, you just might never leave.
Mournful sounds of a solo clarinet....

Coming Fall 2017....

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Merryn Dexter Shares her Latest Release

The Boss of Me
(1Night Stand Series)
By Merryn Dexter
Releasing January 27th 2017

Publisher: Decadent Publishing Company, LLC
ISBN: 978-1-68361-142-4
Word Count: 20,700
Cover Art: Fiona Jayde


Dear Madame Evangeline…
Lou Jones loves her job, but she can’t ignore the attraction she feels for her boss, Daniel Smith. She contacts the 1Night Stand dating service hoping a little fantasy role play will help her get over her crush.

I want to see you in my office…
Daniel can’t believe his eyes, or his luck, when a misplaced letter gives him a shocking insight into the erotic thoughts of his personal assistant. The chance to satisfy her fantasies and make his own dreams come true is too tempting to resist.

This is fantasy, nothing more…
As they explore their every desire, Lou and Daniel find keeping reality at bay is harder than they thought. Will their 1Night Stand deliver the satisfaction Madame Eve prides herself upon, or are they just too close for comfort?

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“Bring the file here and place it on my desk.” He settled more comfortably into his chair, steepled his fingers beneath his chin, and admired the sway of her lush hips. She placed the file down as instructed then folded her hands in front of her, eyes still averted. Schooling his need with an iron control, Daniel waited.
Her chest rose and fell, the slight hitch in her breath pressing her breasts against the thin silk of her blouse. The tip of her tongue peeked out, dampening her coral-pink lips, and a bolt of lust drove him from the chair. Ignoring Lou, he strode to the door and locked it. He doubted there were many people left in the building at that time of day on a Friday, but he wouldn’t risk anyone interrupting them.
Pacing back to the center of the room, he stopped to admire the hourglass lines of her figure. The heels looked even better from the back. Balancing on their slender points gave extra definition to her calf muscles.
“Do you know why I summoned you, Ms. Jones?”
Her breath seemed to catch in her throat. Her voice barely above a whisper, she said, “No, Mr. Smith.”
“You will call me Daniel.” The visceral need for her to know who was about to touch her surprised him. He wanted to hear his name on her lips as she sighed, moaned, and fell apart at his command. Her head bobbed in acquiescence, and he spoke again. “I summoned you because you canceled our appointment this evening.”
She half-turned, seemed to catch herself, and straightened to face the front again. A thrill of satisfaction curled in his gut. Each little act of submission from her proved sexy as hell. “Did you do as I requested?” he asked. Her skirt clung to her hips and ass with no hint of a panty line, but he couldn’t be sure.
“Yes,” she murmured.
A bolt of lust rocked him on his heels. He wanted to crawl on his hands and knees and fawn at her feet, but she had been very specific in her email—her fantasy required him to be the boss, to take control and dictate his desires upon her.
“Show me.” The rasp in his voice couldn’t be helped; his body tingled with anticipation. Her hands gripped the hem of her skirt and began to raise it, inch by tantalizing inch. The material cleared the back of her knees, gliding higher to reveal the lacy tops of her thigh-high stockings, the soft expanse of her tanned thighs.

About the Author

Merryn Dexter is a military spouse who, after a varied employment career (from selling sandals to old ladies with bunions to being a health and safety coordinator for a construction company), is thrilled to be pursuing her dream career as a romance writer. She likes The Winchesters, Spike, Hotch, Loki and watching complicated European Noir. Her hobbies include crying at books, crying at movies, crying at tv serials (there’s a theme!) and believes all stories should have a Happy Ending.  

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Black Hills Wolves Winter Solstice Run 2016

As the snow falls, the pack gathers in Los Lobos. Secrets will be revealed and new love stories will be told. It's time to run with the Tao Pack once more.

Winter Fairy Tale by TL Reeve

Sayer Blackcrow, isn't looking for a mate or even contemplating settling down. So spending his evenings in Custer for a woman he doesn't want to like, but finds he can't resist, is the best thing for him. However, what he won't admit to anyone is that she is his mate. When Drew and Gee show up ten days before the Solstice and announce he must bring home his mate or face the wrath of his alpha, he does what he has to. Doesn't mean he likes. it. What's worse, Gee announces there's to be a scavenger hunt and he's to participate with Kizzy.

Kizzy Rhapsody, isn't sure what's going on. One minute she's living in Custer and the next she's in a town she had no idea existed. What she does know, is her friend has been keeping secrets and the man who brought her there isn't talking either. Though she enjoys being in Los Lobos, she can't stand the lies, or falling for a man who isn't willing to trust her. But, with the Winter Solstice festivities approaching, she agrees to give both a chance.

Fresh, local honey is their item.

With no bee hives on pack lands, Sayer and Kizzy must work together to find their object. When a chance phone call, takes them out of town for their item, Sayer realizes his quirky little human is more than meets the eye. With the solstice upon them, he finds himself willing to move heaven and earth to make these festivities the best time of her life.

And if he ends up mated to her? Well, there are worse things that could happen.

Stolen Kisses by Merryn Dexter

A woman looking for a connection
Following her grandmother’s death, Sadie Burrows-King leaves the only pack she’s ever known in search of family ties. Crashing into Los Lobos, literally, she finds herself face-to-face with a man who calls to the lonely wolf inside her.

A man on the fringes of society
Orphaned wolf, Easton Quaid, survived the cruel years of Magnum’s reign by the skin of his teeth and the kindness of others, of the pack, but not really part of it. His world turns upside down when a new wolf blows into town. It will take every ounce of patience to claim her as his mate.

Stolen kisses
Set a task in the scavenger hunt, Sadie and Easton must work together. Proximity and attraction lead to stolen kisses and more between the pair. The mating call is strong, but is it too much for her to handle?

Secrets and celebrations
A new family, a new pack, and the temptation of a new mate. Sadie had everything she ever dreamed of, right? As the Winter Solstice celebrations get into full swing, old secrets are revealed. Sadie faces the decision of her life. Is she a solid, reliable Burrows, or a flighty, untrustworthy King? It’s not only her heart at risk if she makes the wrong choice.

Winter Awakening by TL Reeve

Sarah Philips has come home after almost twelve years. Married to a man she planned on claiming as her own, and telling him about the babies she carried, she never got the chance. Now, the mother of twin, ten-year-old rambunctious boys, she knows what true happiness is along with the gut wrenching pain of loss.

Ero and Luc Mathews, the dark and light twins, are waiting for the one. For the last year women have come and gone from their life without that spark of recognition. When Sarah steps into Los Lobos Café looking for a job, the punch to Ero’s gut, shocks him to his core. But, he worries the connection won’t be there for his brother.

Love and Luc aren’t synonymous with each other. Where his brother is the ever optimist, he’s more incline to sit back and let everything play out. However, when he sees Sarah in the Convenience store, he can’t stop thinking about her. There’s something hidden within those amber-colored eyes of hers.

With the solstice upon them, Gee enlists their help in a little scavenger hunt of sorts. They have ten days to find their item and present it to him on the night of the festivities.

Having to work together keeps them in close quarters, and ignites a passion she hasn’t felt since before her husband died. But, with two children and a nosey mother always asking questions, it doesn’t leave time to consummate their budding mating. However, on the night of the solstice, both men will have what is rightfully theirs. The only question is; can her heart stand another chance at love?

Winter Solstice Run ~ Giveaway!

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