Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Happy Birthday to me!

Yes, it was damn cold yesterday am.

Debbie: Morning dear writing partner. Today is my birthday so I took the day off from deer hunting with the hubby to laze around on the couch wrapped in a warm blanket. It’s darn chilly out there.
Laura: Well, happy birthday, sweetie!! Hope it's great!
Debbie: So I thought I would share some pics with you. Starting with yesterday's. So hubby dropped me off at my spot at 5am, in the pitch ass dark I might add, and took off for his own, which yesterday ended up being a ten mile hike around the mountain, and since it had snowed it made walking around much quieter…he doesn’t sit still well. Me on the other hand, I have no other choice since I have a 3rd degree calf muscle tear. I took this pic of it Monday on the 10 day mark.
Laura: Owie!! That looks painful! I warned you doing the wild thing with the new hubster in that spot with those toys while you wore spiked heels -- not to mention the balancing required -- was a recipe for disaster. But would you listen? Noooo.... I'm sure your DH was pleasantly surprised and very happy. You on the other hand...well, there' always a price to be paid.
Debbie: That is NOT how it happened. Anyway, I want to introduce you to my knew friend. I named him Puff.
Laura: Okayyy...I'm guessing ol' Puff is a magic dragon cause I don't see nuthin'.
Debbie: Come on... you can see it, cant you? His eye and nose hole. You cant see it in the pic, but he has a mouth too.
Laura: Ohhh...Yeah. It IS a dragon! Cool!
Debbie: He and i became fast friends. After eleven hours alone in the woods, Puff taught me all kinds of things.
Laura: I'm guessing there were magic mushrooms involved, too...?
Debbie:Noooo, none of that. Sheesh. First of all he's magical, hense the name Puff. When the hubby came by to have lunch with me, Puff decided to be silent and not talk and somehow turned himself into a log. I couldn't believe it.
Laura: Um, sweetie, pain meds and mushrooms don't mix.
Debbie: He told me all kinds of things about himself. Like when he isn't entertaining deranged hunters...hmmm...anyway, when he isn't entertaining his company, he likes to frolic in the autumn mist, and contrary to popular belief, he is still very brave but does have a guarded heart when it comes to making friends. He's found kids can be fickle.
Laura: Well, he's right. They're kids...have the attention span of a gna -- Ooo, sparkly. I love how the sun shines through the sun catcher...pretty colors.
Debbie:Yeah, so maybe it isn't just kids. He also told me that I was wasting my time sitting there all day, that all the deer and bears headed to Colorado and Washington, but he wouldn't say why.
Laura: Hmm...A. He ate them all and doesn't want you to feel like you missed out. B. He said that because he's saving them for himself. C. The forest is empty because anything that move, he ate.
Debbie: Could be. Of course, rumor has it that Puff likes to "light up" every now and then...he is a dragon after all...and could just be blowing smoke up my ass, so I guess I'd better not listen to him and get back out in the woods tomorrow to find that buck.  
Laura: Or what's left of him....

Here are some pics i thought I'd share.
This was also my scenery yesterday.

Then it warmed up 5 degrees.
All the comforts of home. PS I couldn't read Sins of the Mind. Too scary being out there all alone.

The shit that grows wild in the forest.
The view!
How's THAT for camouflaged?
What I looked like until around noon.