Friday, March 8, 2013

Sexy Succubus Story by Taryn Kincaid

DEBBIE: Hi, guys! Guess who we have with us today.
LAURA: Um, according to the blog title, I'm guessing it's Taryn Kincaid.
DEBBIE: Smartass.
LAURA: Well, hey, I can read.
DEBBIE: (smacks Laura upside the head)
DEBBIE: She's sharing Book 1 of her Sleepy Hollow series. And the blurb looks yummy.
LAURA: So does the cover! I'm gonna grab a cup of coffee and read the excerpt.
DEBBIE: (rolls eyes) You and coffee!
LAURA: Hey, she has a great author bio. Why don't you post that and I'll be back in a sec.
DEBBIE: Good idea....

Taryn Kincaid lives in beautiful Bora Bora. Or wishes she did. When she's not parasailing up and down the Hudson River, taking care of her aging pet walrus, or volunteering at the local animal shelter [oh, HELL, no], she loves to arrange her voodoo doll-pin collection and practice chanting. Taryn is dedicated to eradicating the Kardashians and Honey Boo-Book from the face of the earth, along with The Bieb and sparkly vampires. At this moment, she is busy adjusting the tin foil to throw the CIA (Culinary Institute of America) off her trail. She hangs around a lot on Facebook and Twitter with her trillions of fans and pops in at Goodreads from time to time. You can catch her on her website,, and her blog, where she lives for comments!

DEBBIE: What a great bio.
LAURA: Hey, she lives in Bora Bora. How cool is that? We should visit her sometime.
DEBBIE: Yeah...maybe I can get her to feed you to her pet walrus...
LAURA: What?
DEBBIE: Wait. Did I say that out loud?
LAURA: Uh, yeah. And your words skewered my tender feelings.
DEBBIE: Right. Just drink your coffee and shut up. LOL Oh, and I see you and Taryn have tin foil in common.
LAURA: Hey, tin foil is the new faux fur. And if it throws the CIA off (culinary or otherwise), well, that's a bonus.
DEBBIE: Riiiight. I'm going to post the blurb and excerpt now.


A 1Night Stand Story

Sleepy Hollow – Book 1



In mystic Sleepy Hollow, succubus Lily Night put her prom date, Campbell Jones, into a coma after a night of wild, unbridled sex. She has steered clear of mortals ever since, afraid of damaging them or worse, not to mention the inconvenience of knocking out the power every time they have sex.

Successful architect Campbell Jones has lived with strange powers and a sexy secret since that prom night. He’s buried himself in work to forget the woman who’d dumped him at the ER then vanished from his life without a trace.

Neither Lily nor Campbell have forgotten that night or the love they’d shared. Will a 1Night Stand help them bury their past?

Genre: Paranormal erotic romance

Heat level: 4

Word count – 11,676K

Pages: 35

Cover art by Tibbs Designs

ISBN: 978-1-61333-397-6


“A little higher and more to the left.”

Lily Night narrowed her eyes as the building maintenance man shifted her framed diploma on the freshly-painted wall opposite her desk. She tried not to ogle the firm ass encased in a pair of tight jeans or the way the man’s shoulder muscles rippled beneath his T-shirt.

Maybe if I pop an Altoid, I’ll have an excuse to wipe away the drool.

She refrained from jumping the handsome worker dude’s bones. The last time she’d dallied with a human, the encounter had not gone well. Vivid images of that long ago prom night bombarded her. Campbell Jones had been a young, strapping, hunk-and-a-half football player and they’d started their date full of hope and expectation and lust. When he’d adjusted the fragrant gardenia corsage on her wrist, she’d inhaled his crisp, citrus scent and thought she might swoon at the sight of him in his tux. The black material stretched across broad shoulders that mirrored the promise of the bruising man he’d be in his prime. But she’d all but sucked him dry as flashes of lightning crackled over their heads. By the time dawn painted the sky, she’d turned him into a mere shadow of his former self. Literally.

And briefly knocked out cell phone service in the lower Hudson Valley, as well.

She’d sworn off humans ever since. Instead, she pulled all-nighter after all-nighter to evade the dreams in which men called to her—and to avoid the university dating scene that inevitably led to frequent and addicting sex.

Mortals. Bleh.








  1. Thanks for having me in today, you guys. You are so funny! I can't imagine how you write those amazing stories together!

  2. This is a great story! My daughter loves the cover and keeps asking me to read it. LOL But she's WAY too young.

  3. I just finished this story and loved it too! Love how you wove these stories together, Taryn.

  4. Jess & Cate! Thanks for coming by. So glad you like LIGHTNING. Yeah, Jess, your daughter might be a tad young or LIGHTNING might be a tad TOO HOT for the young'ns.
    LIGHTNING's actually the first one, Cate. They're all standalones, but the books have siblings who make cameos from time to time!

  5. You're welcome here anytime, Taryn. You're books sound awesome, can't wait to check them out!!

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