Friday, September 16, 2011

Made in America . . . Does it Matter?

----I’m depressed. And shocked. And appalled.
----Why? I’ve been watching the news, and I have to admit that all the Doom and Gloom is really starting to freak me out. Earthquakes, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, snowstorms, floods…the list goes on and on. And after the newscasters finish talking about the weather, they move on to the government and our economy. Now, please know that I’m not trying to start a discussion on party lines or who’s doing what or who won’t do whatever. No way! Everyone has their own opinion, as it should be.
"Hey, Buddy. Can ya
spare me a dime?"
----No, the thing that alarms me is hearing about the unemployment rate, the loss of jobs, the companies who are closing branches and franchises. It seems all across America everyone is tightening the ol’ belt another notch. And it’s not just companies. Individual Americans are battening down the hatches to weather the economic storm that’s blowing across our country…heck, it’s blowing around the world. And the devastation left behind is as horrible as any tornado or fire. People are unemployed, scraping by on what little savings they might have, and many are losing their homes. Losing everything.
----Seems that if we quit spending money, company profits will continue to plummet, more stores and businesses will be closed, and more people will lose their jobs. A vicious circle indeed.
----So, what are we doing as a nation? Well, from what I see on the news, it appears we’re standing around looking to the government to fix things…sad to say, there is no quick fix, so we might be waiting for a while.
----But should we? Hmmm…
----Yes, the news depresses me, so imagine my shock when one evening I found myself motivated! World News with Dianne Sawyer did a special on Made in America. A story that did my patriotic heart some good.
----Did you know that if we all spent just $3.33 a year on American made goods that it would create 10,000 jobs? Yep. But wait, take it just step further. What if we spent $3.33 a month? Well, that would create over 100,000 jobs. Double that to $65 a YEAR and there would be 200,000 new jobs created.
What’s the catch? The tag or stamp has to say Made In USA.
----Did you know that 98% of clothing here in the U.S. is made overseas? Computers, televisions, light fixtures, linens… Have you been through your house, checking labels? I did…
----Dishes – Malaysia. Sneakers – Mexico. Coffee pot – China. Throw Pillows – China. Towels – Mexico. Bra – China. Panties – China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Bangladesh. The list goes on and on. Ack!
----So, here I am, throwing down the gauntlet to all you fab readers. Buy local whenever possible, support the stores in your area to keep them from closing and all those wonderful people from losing their jobs. But take it a step further. Check the label for those three words: Made in USA.
----Don’t get me wrong. I am sooo a bargain shopper, and those overseas products have great prices. Variety is the spice of life and all that. We all want or need different things, and with the Internet, we’ve evolved into a global community, too, after all.
----But when you do go shop, try to spend at least $3.33 this year on durable American made goods and help create new jobs. I know the Americans who are out there every day beating the bushes for employment will appreciate your help.
----And last…email me: mail at lj-garland dot com. Tell me what you bought and where you got it. I’d love to hear from you. And in a few months, I’ll post another blog listing what everyone bought.
----Together, I truly believe we can make a difference.


  1. Thanks, Laura! That is something we can ALL do. I'll be reading labels, and now, if companies would stop outsourcing...we might stand a chance. Like you, I'm scared and depressed over what's going on in the world.

  2. I buy USA products as often as I can, but often it's hard to find 'made in the USA' on products.

  3. Hey, Lisa! It is scary...but $3.33 can make a difference. I think if we pull together we can make it through this. Thanks for posting, girlie! HUGS!

  4. Faith! It is!! But I think consumers are becoming more aware. And good for you for making a difference. Someone out there appreciates your efforts. HUGS!

  5. It's a tricky made say Made In America...but where did the parts come from? My husband works for a company that does a lot of business with markets overseas, and it's a give and take thing.

    I agree that with the your best to buy locally!

    Something like a car? It might say it was made in Detroit...but it's from parts made everywhere else... It can boggle the mind!

    I will do my best, I promise! Just bought a washer made in Canada...that was closer than China...

  6. Hi, L.J.,

    I also look for Made in U.S. labels and buy American as often as I can. Think we need to go back to some old-fashioned thinking to encourage American industry. How about tariffs on imports to give American industry a fair chance? We try to give workers a decent living wage. Many third world countries do not. A lot of greedy U.S. manufacturers left U.S. soil and set up in those countries for that reason. If we're going to compete some big changes have to be made.

  7. Maureen! Hey, girl! Yeah, they covered cars in the special as well. It IS tricky. And yeah, the washer is closer...course now you've got me wondering if there is a washer made in America. LOL More scouring the web! Thanks for posting. HUGS!

  8. Hey, Jacqueline! Good to see you here! Yeah, as I understand it, the backbone of the U.S. is manufacturing. I think it started mostly back in WWI & WWII?...we got into some quantity vs. quality issues. I think you could be right, too...if we could bring more manufacturing home, it would mean more jobs. And what about intellectual properties? Do you think Americans are as well educated as other countries? Hmmm...
    Thanks for posting! HUGS!

  9. That is true. One thing you can ALSO do is ask for an American when you call Verizon or Sprint, etc. for service. I do. They will transfer you. Some of the employees are here in US, some in India. If enough people do it, they will start hiring more Americans again for those jobs.

    Why do I do it? When I was switching from Verizon wireless to FiOS, there was some technical issues with our wires. Our tech said,"Call and tell them exactly this..." Husband called, I said 'talk to an American." He didn't. 15mins later, he is totally frustrated because the employee in India is reading off a script and trying to sell him something else. Over and over.

    I took the phone, hung up, called back and said,"I would like to speak with an American service rep." Literally 2 mins on the phone with a guy in Arizona and it was fixed. Done.

    So many CS jobs have been farmed out and it's really scary that our credit cards numbers, SS#, etc. is in a foreign country in the hands of people we have no jurisdiction over. ASK FOR AN AMERICAN!

  10. I belong to a CSA (community sponsored agriculture) and get lots of fresh veggies in season and yummy fruit and none of them come from thousands of miles away. I also do not buy Chilean fruits and veggies in winter...nothing against them but we have lots of stuff grown here that lasts all winter and honestly tastes better. And local or pretty much local farmers ae growing those things, working for their families and that makes me feel great!

  11. Thanks, Decadent Publishing-
    If we asked, that might help create jobs for Americans as well! My hubby's been there too. Thanks for posting!

  12. Kate! Yes, ma'am...those farmers need our support. Farming is tough, especially when the weather doesn't go exactly the way they need it to. I mean, their income is based on what they can produce from their fields. So, yeah, buy local fruits and veggies. Thanks for commenting! Hugs!