Monday, February 20, 2012

Guest interview with Colin and Bobby from Second Chance

Debbie: Hi, everyone. Today we have two special guests with us. Lieutenant Colin Beckett from Second Chance, and Tech Sergeant Bobby Martin. These two men are Air Force Pararescuemen, also known as PJ's, and we will be joining them at the gym on Hurlburt Field where they are stationed. Ready Laura?

Laura: Right here. Okay, so is this a gym or an interrogation room? I swear some of this stuff looks like torture devices.

Debbie: I'm pretty sure it's a torture room. That is my opinion of all gyms anyway.

Laura: LOL I would have to agree with that. But it sure was awful nice of Colin and Bobby to invite us here to interview them. Heeeyy...wait a minute. Why aren't you in workout clothes?

Debbie: Number one, there is no way in hell I would ever be caught dead in workout clothes in front of two of the hottest men I've ever seen. Number two, we are not working out with them. They are just finishing up their workout and had the time to speak with us.

Laura: Oh, God! And all these mirrors are awful! My thighs look huge in these workout clothes! And don't you dare say anything about my big butt!

Debbie: It’s not your butt I’m looking at, and why on earth did you wear that anyway?

Laura: Cause we were invited to a gym! I wanted to blend in!

Debbie: Oh, boy. Do you see all these half naked sweaty men in here? How well do you think you're blending in? And besides, just how were you planning to workout with that to-go cup of coffee in your hand?

Laura: Um. Well, I was going to drink it first, of course. Wait a that them?? Holy freaking cow! They’re gorgeous! Gimme your jacket. *strips Debbie's jacket off and ties it around waist*

Debbie: *clears throat* Um, yup, sure is. Told you they were yummy.

Laura: Is it hot in here? *fans self* I think I’m gonna pass out just looking at them. Think they'd go for one of those Long Island ice teas we had the other day?

Debbie: LOL, well we can always ask, but I bet they’d drink us under the table.

Laura: Okay, so we better get this interview started before I melt into a puddle.

Debbie: Try not to act too infatuated. Don't embarrass us.

Laura: Hey, you're the one with the flushed face.

Debbie: My face is always flushed. Means nothing.

Laura: *snort* Yeah, right.

Debbie: Shit, they're waving us over. Come on.

DEBBIE: Colin, Bobby, nice to see you again. Oh, lemme introduce you. This is my friend, Laura. She'll be helping me with your story, Bobby, so be nice to her.

COLIN: Laura, very nice to meet you.

BOBBY: Hi, Laura. If you’re as good as Debbie is, then I'm looking forward to getting on with it. Although I think she did fu— um, I mean mess up with Colin getting Emily. Should’ve been me.

COLIN: *punches Bobby in the chest* Debbie knew what she was doing. Stop being a sore loser.

LAURA: Nice to meet you both. I'm looking forward to working on your story, Bobby. But before we get to all that, I have to say, I've heard of Navy Seals and Special Forces, but I haven't heard of Pararescuemen. What do you guys do exactly?

BOBBY: *leans back against the weight bench, hands clasped behind his head* Those guys are wimps compared to us.

COLIN: Well, I wouldn't say that, but our training goes way beyond any of theirs. After 6 weeks of Basic Training we go to Lackland AFB for 10 weeks of Pararescue/Combat control training which is much like the SEALS BUDs training. They take in about 80 students, and the average that graduate from that 80 is about 8. If you make it through those ten weeks of hell, it’s on to Fort Benning in Georgia for three weeks of US Army Airborne Parachutist School.
BOBBY: Hell? More like that tenfold. LOL But you do get to see what you’re made of, that’s for sure. After that is four weeks in the Keys for US Army Combat Divers School. Then one day in Pensacola, Florida, for US Navy Underwater Egress Training After that, we hauled our asses cross-country to US Air Force Basic Survival School for two and a half weeks, at Fairchild AFB, in Washington State. After that is five weeks of US Army Military Freefall Parachutist School at Yuma Proving Grounds, Arizona. And let me tell you, that’s a blast!

COLIN: LOL Then we go to Fort Bragg in North Carolina for 22 weeks of Special Operations Combat Medic Course and wind it all up with 20 weeks at Kirtland AFB in New Mexico for PARARESCUE Recovery Specialist Course.
BOBBY: After all that, we get our duty assignments and are sent to our first unit. Usually either Alaska, Iceland, Florida, New York, California, or Osan, Korea, or the different units we have in Europe.

LAURA: Good gosh! You do all that? That’s amazing.

DEBBIE: That is amazing. And must require one hell of a lot of dedication. What is all the training for?

COLIN: The mission of pararescue is combat search and rescue. We recover fighter pilots that have been shot down behind enemy lines. All that training we go through is geared specifically for that sole purpose.

LAURA: I’m sure our military pilots are glad to see you when things go wrong. I can’t imagine being shot down and having to eject from a jet. Then to go down behind enemy lines, possibly injured?

DEBBIE: Damn, I get somewhat emotional when it comes to our service members. Actually I have a daughter in RED HORSE, stationed right here at Hurlburt. Makes me worry a little less knowing there are guys like you that have her back.

BOBBY: Exactly. Our motto is “These things we do, that others may live.” That’s the code we live by every day.

COLIN: That being said we also participate in stateside rescues and foreign due to natural disasters. We plucked hundreds of people off roofs and out of the water after Katrina.

BOBBY: I believe the number was something like 1,700 lives between Katrina and Rita. So what’s your daughter’s name?

DEBBIE: Wow, that’s just amazing. *Glares at Bobby* Never mind, she’s married.

LAURA: I had no idea you worked stateside as well. I’m sure glad you guys are here! So, with all that training, do you have specific areas of expertise?

BOBBY: Shit, man. Did you not just hear everything my buddy and I listed?

COLIN: You'll have to excuse Bobby's attitude. He apparently needs to get laid. Something I hope you two are working on. We all have extended medical training, so we can take care of the people we rescue. My cranky friend here is an expert sniper.

BOBBY: Why, is that gonna play into my story?

DEBBIE: It, might, Bobby. But don't worry, you'll come off looking like the hero you are.

LAURA: Yeah, but none of it’ll be easy.

COLIN: Mine sure as hell wasn’t. So why should he get off easy? What I want to know is if Bobby’s gonna get laid, cause I can’t take much more of his whiney ass.

BOBBY: Me? You were the one being an ass in your story. If it was difficult, it was no one's fault but your own. I, on the other hand, am all for this shit. I'm just waiting to see if they can come up with a woman as good as Emily.

ZEKE: Hey, man...I told you to quit mooning over Colin's woman.

BOBBY: Shut the hell up, Diz.

ZEKE: Just sayin’.

DEBBIE: And you are?

ZEKE: Staff Sergeant Zeke Matthews, ma’am.

LAURA: *whispers to Debbie* Are they all hotties? Good gosh, I’m coming back to this gym tomorrow with a camera!

DEBBIE: *elbows Laura* Behave!

COLIN: This is Debbie Gould and L.J. Garland. They’re going to be writing Bobby’s story.

ZEKE: That right? Well, I’d like to be on that list, too. *winks* But right now, we need to debrief our last mission.

BOBBY: You go ahead. We’ll be there.

ZEKE: Nice meeting you ladies. *exits the gym*

BOBBY: So, tell me about the woman I’m going to meet. Who is she?

DEBBIE: Well, Bobby, you can rest assured that Madame Eve has found the perfect woman for you. She never fails.

LAURA: Absolutely right. Though, I have to admit, I’m wondering how you’re going to handle someone with such drastic…um, issues.

BOBBY: Issues? What kind of issues? What are you two getting me into?

COLIN: Ladies, it's been fun chatting, but we have a meeting with the commander in ten, and we gotta shower.

LAURA: Don’t worry, Bobby. I’m pretty sure it’ll all work out okay.

BOBBY: Pretty sure? What the f—

COLIN: Let’s go, Bobby. Now.

BOBBY: *follows after Colin* Come on, Ghost. I want to know what the hell "issues" they’re talking about.

Debbie: Did you really have to scare him like that? Laura? *smacks her upside the head*

Laura: What? Sorry, I was thinking about soapy, hard bodies in the shower…

Debbie: Anyway, Bobby seemed a little more cranky than when we met him in Second Chance. What do you suppose is up with that?

Laura: I have no idea. But did you hear all that training they went through? How are you not imagining them nekkid in the shower?

Debbie: Never said I wasn't, I'm just hiding it better than you. Wipe off your chin, you're drooling.

Laura: What? Oh, sorry. *wipes corner of mouth* Man, I could never do all that training like they did. Heck, I could hardly squeeze into these workout pants.

Debbie: *Glances at Laura’s pants* Honey you did a better job getting in them than I would have. Now Zeke’s pants…? Well, I think we better get going on this story for Bobby, so he can get back to his fun loving self.

Laura: Yeah, whoever Madame Eve chooses for him will be one lucky woman. And what about that other guy, Zeke? I saw you checking him out. LOL He was soooo easy on the eyes. Maybe we should come up with a story for him, too.

Debbie: One hot PJ at a time woman. Focus. And gimme back my jacket.

Laura: *skipping toward the door* Not till we’re in the car. Oh, and we’re stopping by Starbucks on the way. I need another shot of java before we start our writing marathon! So many stories, so many hot guys.

Debbie: Newsflash. There is no Starbucks until Pensacola, and we’re not headed that way. HAHAHA. That put a stumble in your step, didn’t it?


....Lieutenant Colin Beckett, US Air Force special ops, lost his wife in childbirth while off on a mission. Two years later, he’s still trying to come to grips with the guilt that tortures him. And to complicate matters, he finds himself undeniably attracted to his wife's sister, Emily. Struggling with his desire, he tells himself he doesn’t deserve a second chance with such an amazing woman.
....Emily wants Colin in her life and her bed. Enlisting the help of Colin's teammates and Madame Eve's 1Night Stand dating service, she plans to prove to Colin he can have everything he lost once again.
....Will their one night lead to the happy ending she longs for or the loneliness he thinks he deserves?

Genre: Contemporary, erotic romance, military romance


  1. Okay, drooling here. Great interview, and perfect venue for one as well. :)

    1. Thanks, Jessica! We had great fun looking at...ummm I mean chatting with these boys.

  2. Glad to see I wasn't the only one, Jessica. LOL These guys are amazing! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Great interview and their descriptions of training and the job were good. Interesting that they worked the hurricanes. I remember seeing them do that watching the news.

    I'm sooo jealous of being in the same room with Colin, Bobby and Zeke.


    1. Thanks! I really don't understand why we don't hear more about these guys. You hear tons about the SEALS, and ARMY Rangers and all the Spec. Ops guys, but nothing about the Air Force Pararescuemen. They've got more training than all those guys put together..
      And they are sooo damn hot!!!! LOL

    2. Hey, Marika. Yeah, the list of all the training that they do was amazing. I had no idea! And I agree with Debbie, we really should hear more about them. They're impressive...and hotties! :)

  4. You ladies are so much fun.
    Thanks for the 5 minutes of drool time.

    1. LOL, you're very welcome!!! It was hard dragging Laura out of there. I of course was totally unaffected by all the testosterone in the room. Yup, I barely even noticed all those six packs and rippling muscles.

    2. Hey, and you're also in the drawing for FREE CHOCOLATE! Hot guys, decadent's just yummy all the way around! ;)

  5. Squeellll!!! Bobby's getting his own story - you made your girl very happy!

    lol! This was a great interview - funny and hot. I just love these guys. Loved all the gym comments too. :)


    1. Oh, we love these guys too. They're so darn accomodating, lol.

  6. Oh I love the interview!!!! Can't wait for the next story :P

  7. Jessica, you are the winner of the Chocolate from Bobby! Congrats!