Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Interview with F.L. Bicknell

Debbie: Welcome all. We are here today in the middle of nowhere—that Laura dragged me to—to talk with Faith about her latest release.

Laura: Faith Bicknell? Yeah, she rocks. And I can personally say that I’ve read her story, Ruby, the White King, and Marilyn Monroe. It’s a wonderful story, and I can’t wait to ask her questions about it!

Debbie: Okay, Laura….what the hell is this ugly thing you’ve got me standing next to?

Laura: That’s a marker for the southern most point in the continental United States. We can’t get any further south, baby! (holds up camera) Smile!

Debbie: NO pictures! (sheesh) So, why did we pick this place to interview her. There is nothing here. Not even a palm tree.

Laura: Why here?? Well, Key West is in Faith’s book! Thought she might appreciate it. You know, there used to be a sign to mark this spot, but I guess people kept stealing it for a souvenir or something. So they replaced it with this amazing buoy. It’s all concrete! (shoves against it) See? Won’t budge. Don’t imagine people will be walking off with that anytime soon!
And there is a tree. (points) Look over there.

Debbie: Well, color me shocked. How’d I miss them?

Laura: You know… (looks around) You’d think if this were the southern most point of the U.S., they’d have a coffee shop around here someplace! Sheesh!

Debbie: Lord, give me strength. What, the five cups you had already doesn’t have your heart rate zipping along at warp speed yet? I swear, I’m gonna put you on decaf. Besides, did you check in that building, there might be one? Not that you need it. AT all.

Laura: Hmm… With this heat, I could go for a Mocha Frappuccino! Maybe I should go check it out. You’d like it, Deb…it’s got chocolate in it!

Debbie: So, some of Faith’s book ends up in the Key’s. Why aren’t we on the beach, with the cabana boys bringing us fruity cocktails with umbrellas? Next time I’M picking the interview spot. So, where is Faith anyway?

Laura: Hey, there she is. And what’s that she’s carrying? Could it be? (squints) By golly, she’s got a Mocha Frappuccino and a fruity drink. And hey! There’s even an umbrella in it!

Debbie: Yeah. It’s like she read our minds….

Laura: Spooky….

LAURA: Hey, Faith! Thanks for thinking of us with these wonderful drinks! (slurp) Mmm…chocolate and cooofffeeeee.

DEBBIE: Where’s the cabana boy?

LAURA: What? Why would Faith bring you a cabana boy, I mean, isn’t the fruity umbrella drink enough? (elbows Debbie) Now, drink up. (turns to Faith) Okay…we’ve all known each other for a few years. But one thing I’ve never asked you is just how long you’ve been writing.

FAITH: Oh, wow. If you mean in general, then since I was about six. I remember writing stories in crayon on brown wrapping paper. However, I grew serious about writing once I became too tall to be a horse jockey, lol. At the time, horses were my first love and I was reading all the Walter Farley books I could find. Soon it became clear I wasn’t going to be a small, fine-boned woman and turned to my other love: writing. I’ve been in the publishing business professionally for over twenty-five years now.

DEBBIE: My gramps used to manage a horse farm in New Jersey. They traveled all over the U.S. and Europe, even wintered the horses in Florida. He drove the coach and four. I even have a pic of him with the Queen’s husband, Prince Phillip, standing with the horses. So, we share a love of horses. Anyway…what is your favorite genre?

FAITH: Hmm...that’s a tough one. I have more than one favorite for various reasons, but if I have to choose, I guess it would be paranormal romance. Romance can blend with just about any other genre, but I love learning about the paranormal so I blend it with the romance.

DEBBIE: Laura is teaching me a lot about paranormal. She is paranormal ya know. Seriously! She’s got stories, I’m not lying!

LAURA: (rolls eyes) No one wants to hear about the ghosts and flickering lights. LOL But I do love, love, love paranormal romances! Debbie and I just finished one together, and I know from reading several of your stories that you like to throw in twists as well as delve into hot romances! So, what was your inspiration for Ruby, the White King, and Marilyn Monroe?

FAITH: A recurring dream soon gave me an entire plot. I liked it, so I started writing the novel.

LAURA: I’ve done that, too!

DEBBIE: I don’t know how you dream anything with all the coffee you drink. I swear, you’re wired 24-7. Truth be told, the ghosts and flickering lights you saw were just illusions from your sleep-deprived brain.

LAURA: (elbows Debbie) So not true!

DEBBIE: Anyway, the title…Ruby, The White King and Marilyn Monroe…is very interesting. How did you come up with Marilyn Monroe?

FAITH: Ah. Well, Ruby finds herself stuck with a hitchhiker with a dark past. She’s a knockout and looks a lot like Marilyn Monroe right down to the big boobs and the baby doll voice.

DEBBIE: Gosh, I can see her right now, the woman was a knockout!

LAURA: Deb, that’s not Marilyn. That’s a tourist wearing floaties. Just what is in that drink of yours? (sigh) So, Faith, I have to ask…we know your story ends up here in beautiful Key West. But where does it start out?

FAITH: It begins in Columbus Ohio, but Ruby, the heroine, finds herself on the run, so the story moves from Ohio through several of the southern states to end in Key West.

DEBBIE: Ruby, love that name. How did you come up with it? Did it have anything to do with Judy Garland and her red slippers? LOL Wizard of Oz and “there’s no place like home”.

FAITH: LOL, not The Wizard of Oz per se. I’ve always had a fascination with names that are different. I like names that are gemstones—my two daughters have such names—and I’ve always thought Ruby is a strong name that fits a spitfire woman well. That’s Ruby Nutter. As for her last name, it’s my mother’s maiden name. The Nutters are a historical family.

DEBBIE: Very cool!

LAURA: Yeah, so neat that you drew names from your own family like that. So, is this story have a Good vs. Evil type theme?

FAITH: Yes, with a few distinct twists.

LAURA: Nice! We love twisty stories! lol

DEBBIE: Definitely love twisty stories. I like being in suspense. Do you believe in reincarnation?

FAITH: I never used to but I do now. I believe there are some souls in the world given a second chance for whatever reason. Also, I often wonder if it’s not reincarnation, then maybe it’s inherited memories just like a child gets an eye color or freckles from a parent.

DEBBIE: That is a great belief. I would like to hope we get a second chance.

LAURA: Very cool idea. So, do you find the idea of reincarnation romantic? And who do you think you were in a past life?

FAITH: That depends on whether or not the man or woman coming back is psycho or not. LMAO! I sure wouldn’t want my nut of an ex to come back to pursue me as his wife in another life, yanno? However, my current hubby and I do feel as though we knew one another from before. It’s weird, but that feeling of familiarity is there when we look at one another. Neither of us has any real distinct memories of things, but we both share a dream that’s similar. I mentioned the dream earlier. It’s in the first part of the book, but there were no smoke monsters in my dream.

DEBBIE: We saw in your bio that you’ve written for several men’s magazines. I imagine these were fairly profitable. Do you find the male audience easier to write for, easier to please?

FAITH: Many of the magazines have ceased to publish fiction or they’ve gone online and no longer pay for it, but several years ago the money was excellent. As for whether or not it’s easier to right, the answer is both yes and no. The plots are fairly simple, but the sex scenes have to be certain ways according to what the magazine caters to. I find sex scenes boiler-plate material, so that’s the boring part of the story writing for me. I lucked out and found a nice writing home with a couple of magazines due to my sense of humor, which often made my characters real for the editors and readers.

LAURA: Switching gears here…do you have any pets? I have cats, fish, a guinea pig. lol

FAITH: Right now we have an indoor cat named Radar. He’s a typical bi-colored tabby who thinks he’s human. Radar is my constant companion. We also have an aquarium full of fancy goldfish, but I don’t think you can really classify fish as pets, can you? LOL. Our chocolate Labrador is no longer with us, but I do want an English Bulldog puppy as my next pet.

LAURA: Other than the part about having to take care of them…well, no, fish are not really pets in the conventional sense, I suppose. They don’t really interact with you. But I do find them very relaxing to watch swimming around. Nice to have when you need to decompress or just veg. LOL

DEBBIE: Haven’t you seen those kissing fish, Laura? They interact.

LAURA: I didn’t mean interact with each other. I meant they didn’t interact with the person cleaning the tank and dropping the fish food into the water. I swear, do you even listen to me any more?

DEBBIE: Nope. So, Faith, do you have any bad habits?

FAITH: Heh. (looks around) Cussing is one. I try really hard not to cuss, especially with new grandbabies just learning to talk. Oh, smashed your finger in the silverware drawer, Mamzy? Walk away. Walk away very fast before the D, A, and H cuss words light up the room in a pretty blue haze. I’m not the type who cusses like a sailor because I detest really foul language such as the F bomb, but I’m guilty of the common bad words.

DEBBIE: (hangs head) Okay, yes, I admit it. I’ve been known to have a potty mouth and drop the F bomb here and there. It’s something I’m trying to curb. I think I picked it up when I quit smoking ten years ago, lol. But it’s usually a tame SOB, unless I’m mad, lol.

LAURA: Um, Deb, you use that F bomb around me all the time. Hmm…(scratches head) But yeah, Faith, I hear you. I’ve got little ones, too. I usually end up growling. The boys look at me funny. LOL
....You know, one thing I’ve noticed is that a lot of these authors that we interview have talents…music, singing, art, pottery, sewing, jewelry making….it’s just amazing all the different stuff they do. What about you, Faith? I know you’re a talented author….any other venues?

FAITH: I’m a hell of a bowler (See? Cuss word!). We haven’t bowled for the last four years due to travel time and no babysitters, but I used to carry a 180 average. I’m also a good cook taught by a southern West Virginia mother and grandmother, I seem to have the natural ability to teach where the students have fun, and I also have a green thumb along with the ability to see humor in almost anything, even if it is sometimes dark humor, lol.

LAURA: BOWLING! Love it! I used to be on a league…my highest average was a sad 142. But it was fun!

DEBBIE: Broke my elbow when I was 18, loooong story, so while I love bowling, I suck, lol. But cooking on the other hand, I just love it! Love feeding people and seeing their happy satisfied faces, lol. Do you have any favorite hobbies while you’re not writing?

FAITH: Raising vegetables, flowers and herbs, but the veggies and herbs are more out of necessity than a hobby. I crochet when I have the time and inclination, but I do love to draw and paint. I don’t do it nearly as often as I like, though. Fulfilling writing contracts keeps me insanely busy.

DEBBIE: Love collecting the fresh veggies, hate every other part of gardening.

LAURA: I don’t have much of a green thumb…but I do love to crochet. I’ve made several afghans. I love learning new stitches. And you can tell when I’m stressed…all my crochets get very tight. LOL
....(To Debbie) So, can I ask her now? Is it time?

DEBBIE: Of course, lol. Laura and I love to come up with wacky final questions so be prepared.

LAURA: Okay! Here goes….
....You’re standing out on a penthouse balcony, and in a freak accident, you topple over the railing. However, your sweater caught on a loose bolt, and now you’re hanging by a thread...literally. Unfortunately, your sweater is unraveling fast and a psycho with a switchblade is leaning over the balcony railing, grinning down at you. All you have is a hairpin and Meryl Streep’s Academy Award that you’d been admiring. What do you do?

FAITH: Use the award by hooking it on the bottom of the balcony so I can pull myself over to it and get a grip to pull myself up. Then when the psycho tries to stab me, I’ll whack him over the head or in the nuts with the award. If Meryl gets mad I’ve dented her award—tough. She can win another one!

LAURA: Hahahaha! Wow! I think you survived it! And who knows, Meryl might want to use the incident in her next movie…. Debbie?

DEBBIE: Great answer. I was wondering how you were going to get out of that one.

LAURA: Thank you for visiting with us, Faith, and for sharing a vivid insight to your writing life. Happy sales on your wonderful story, Ruby, the White King, and Marilyn Monroe. It’s a wonderful, sexy story. Hope to see you on your next release!
....Oh! And let’s not forget the awesome Mocha Frappuccino! Molto delizioso!

DEBBIE: Yes, Faith, best wishes on all your endeavors. Next time, PLEASE bring me the cabana men, and forget the coffee, lol.

Laura: Okay, so now that I’ve sucked this coffee down…. (to a fellow tourist) Excuse me, would you take our picture? Thanks. (grabs Debbie’s arm and drags her back to the landmark) Smile! You’re at the southern most point of the U.S.!

Debbie: I said no pics. Trying to stay incognito here. Sheesh.

Laura: Too late! I’ll be posting it to Facebook next week! (looks around) Now, where is that boat? Ah…there it is! Come on, or we’ll miss it!

Debbie: Oh my GOD! You hired the hooded guy with the staff again?

Laura: Don’t be daft! That’s a hoodie, and we’re not on a trip to the underworld…. We’re going deep-sea fishing! Gonna reel in that mongo tarpin. We’ll mount it over your desk so you can remember our fab trip to Key West! (grabs her arm) Come on!
Faith's Bio:
F.L. Bicknell's work has appeared in a wide range of genres and publications such as: Would That It Were, Touch, GC, and Ohio Writer magazines as well as with publications in Canada and Turkey. Under her pseudonym, Molly Diamond, she was a regular contributor to Gent and Ruthie's Club and has had fiction published in Hustler's Busty Beauties, Penthouse Variations, and Twenty 1 Lashes. Ms. Bicknell is the author of several e-book and print titles, also writing as Azura Ice. She has served as co-editor and managing editor for three different publishing houses. She is represented by TriadaUS Literary Agency.


....Paranormal romance that takes off full throttle as demonic motorcycles and their beautiful riders chase Ruby to the rocky shores of Key West for a battle of epic proportions.
....Are they angels, demons, or something else entirely? Ruby must send them back to a hell unlike anything the world has ever imagined. But will she allow herself to love the White King who has found her again over one thousand years later?
....Reincarnated over the centuries. Stuck with a ditzy Marilyn Monroe lookalike. Falling for a rich albino guy. It’s just Ruby’s luck for Hell’s “real” angels to ride into this life and screw it all up.

....“Is he gone?” I asked.
....Solomon peeped through the curtains. “I don’t see anyone. After all that noise, it probably won’t be long before the motel manager tells us to leave too.” He let the curtain fall and looked over at me. “You know more about this strange stuff than you’ve been letting on.”
....“I didn’t want to scare anyone unnecessarily, and I didn’t want you to think...to think...” I gritted my teeth and ordered the tears not to fall.
....“To think you’re a freak?” he supplied. “To treat you like shit because you’re different, or that you’re not what people consider normal?”
....“No,” I lied, “it’s just that—” The sob ripped free of me before I could squelch it.
....Solomon crossed the room and folded me in his arms, holding me so close I heard his heartbeat. Now was the time he was supposed to go crazy with fear, yell obscenities, call me names, and then leave so fast his shoes caught on fire.
....“Why?” he said.
....Sobs still spilled from my mouth, but I managed to squeak, “Why what?”
....He leaned back and peered deeply into my eyes. “Don’t do that.”
....“Do what?”
....I pushed against his chest, but he held me still.
....“Why do you clam up or run away whenever someone asks you something personal?”
....I sniffed and tried to avoid his penetrating gaze. “Maybe because it’s none of your business?”
....“Look, I’m not asking you to tell me all the deep dark secrets you might have.” He let me go and crossed his arms over his chest. “The fact that something unnatural is going on aside, I’d like to know a little more about the women I’m traveling with, that’s all.”
....He had me there. Hadn’t I gone through the same thing with Maureen last night?
....“For starters,” he said, “I’d like to know more about the incredible things you do.”
....“I honestly don’t know how I do them.” I risked looking at him and wished I hadn’t. The expression on that man’s face said he was determined to find out more. “Can we discuss this another time?” I turned away, needing some space. Most of all I needed time to process the fact he wasn’t already packing his bags. “I promise I’ll answer a couple of your questions if we can do it some other time.”
....“Fair enough.” He sighed. “So you really think that guy is tied to the hunters who murdered Gabriella?”
....“Come to think of it, the men who attacked my sister and me were really big too. I can’t remember many details about them now other than their yellow eyes and the smell of booze.”
....“Solomon, you’re in danger if you travel with me. You should go home.”
....“No. I refuse to leave you, Ruby. You might be able to ignore the chemistry and feelings between us, but I can’t.”
....That was the last thing I’d expected out of him. For a moment I said nothing. I couldn’t let Solomon know how much I cared for him, how much I wanted him. If I did, there was no doubt it would all come crashing down. At least for now he was still with me.


  1. Another great interview, and always fun to learn more about Faith. All the best on your new release!


    1. Thanks, Jessica!! Faith is a longtime pal. Next time we'll get glean even more info on her, lol.

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    First, this interview is hilarious.

    Yes, there was once a sign that stood at the southern most end. Too bad people have to steal things like that.

    And don't forget abut the fresh tropical drinks sold right on the streets! Yum! Pineapples and coconuts with the drink made in them!

    1. I still want to know where the cabana boys are!
      Thanks for joining us, Faith!!!! You must come back again.

  3. This is a hilarious interview! I love it. Very talented interviewers.

    Oh, yes, Faith knows how I feel about this book. (g) I love it too! (g) Those who don't like it have no sense of humor and need their heads' examined. (g) )(No bias here whatsoever.)


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Marci. We have a blast with these interviews!

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