Monday, February 17, 2014

Crack that Whip Girl!

Debbie: Oh stop your blushing, I’m not spilling any of your secrets…yet…

Laura: What? I don’t have any secrets. You’re the one with the hip boots, chickie!

Debbie: I meant the writing whip, and for your info, I don’t have hip boots. We haven’t taken up waterfowl hunting yet.

Laura: Riiiight.

Debbie: Okay, so I guess its pony up time or whatever that saying is. We fell WAY below our goal last year. Granted our goal may have been a tad bit aggressive.

Laura: Yeah, probably. But at least we got ONE book out.

Debbie: As opposed to the ten we wanted, lol. But we need to do soooo much better. We do have three stories in progress, I just feel that with the slow down from holidays and this rotten cold I’ve had for six weeks that its hard getting that momentum back.

Laura: Hmm…and now I’ve got that cold. You sent it to me, didn’t you?

Debbie: Hey, I’m all about sharing. Anyway, I know we’ve never cranked ‘em out the way some do. We have our own quirky methods, and I wonder if it’s different for those of us that co-author. Well, I guess it would be, but maybe we can brainstorm some ideas to get our butts in gear and share for others that might find them helpful.

Laura: So what are you talking, like a list or something? Ooo, I like lists!

Debbie: *eye roll* This I know. Sure, a list is fine if that makes you happy. Go…Now…I’m timing you.

Laura: Ummm.

#5 Step away from the pastries.

Debbie: Pastries? That’s the awesome advice we are going with?

Laura: I don’t know about you, Deb, but I find it darn difficult to type anything with a bearclaw in one hand. That single-finger poking one key after another really cuts down on my daily word count.

Debbie: Oh good God, really? Just shove it in and get back to work. No need to nibble.

Laura: Good gosh! You would do that to a bearclaw? Just muck it down like it was a… a… a common donut? You’d probably slam down a cheese Danish, too. One bite. Gone. A bearclaw needs to be savored, enjoyed…as does a cheese Danish. Cramming it in your mouth in a single bite is just…wrong. I can’t believe this information didn’t come to light earlier. Color me shocked!

Debbie: Cheese Danish???  I think I just threw up in my mouth. A donut is a donut is a donut. No need to get all orgasmic over it. Moving on! What about music? Does that work on getting you motivated?

Laura: What? I’m still distracted by the image of you with an entire bearclaw in your mouth. Your cheeks are puffed out and when you talk little bits of bearclaw shoot out. OMG! You’re choking. I have to do the Heimlich and save you!

Debbie: I don’t talk with my mouth full, my mamma taught me some manners. And you’re in Alabama, darling. How you gonna manage the Heimlich.

Laura: See, I already knew how awesome your mamma is, which is why I was so shocked to see those bits of bearclaw flying out. Okay. So you’re up for #4. Annnd go!

Debbie: I told you…Oh never mind. What about writing yourself a weekly goal, like six thousand words a week? Would that help you get back into the swing of writing?

Laura: Is that #4?

Debbie: Holy crap. Have you had your caffeine today? Please try to keep up. We are trying to fix a problem here and help others out at the same time. Sheesh.

Laura: Yep. And people like lists cause they’re orderly and easy to remember.

Debbie: okay I give up. Here we go.

1.     Make yourself weekly realistic goals.

2.     Read. I always want to write after reading a good book.

3.     Make notes throughout your day. If something about your story comes to mind during the day, jot it down. Keeps you energy for your story going.

4.     Brainstorm. When we brainstorm together it always gets me jazzed up to write. Plus we are able to work through roadblocks much easier when we talk it out.

5.     Last but not least, WRITE! Just sit down and do it. If its been a while and you think it sounds like crap, then rewrite. But bottom line is if you don’t start now, you won’t do it tomorrow either.

Laura: Now you’re talking. There’s a list both new writers and established authors can live by.

Debbie: No thanks to you. And, no, strep throat is no excuse for flightiness. Take your meds, get caffeine and sleep (not necessarily in that order) and be ready to get back to business. I’m cracking down. This is your final warning.

Laura: Sure. (cough cough). I’m going to bed.

Debbie: Ummm, what about plugging our Friday release???

Debbie: Laura??? Helloooooo??? Why must I do everything? Well I’m only giving a teaser. You guys will have to tune back in on Friday for the excerpt and good stuff. Like maybe even a giveaway or two. HAHAHA! She’s gone to bed so, yeah, there will be two giveaways Friday. Teach her for going to bed. Sick smick.

Explosive Conditions
Book 3 of the Pararescuemen series
Blurb:....Staff Sergeant Zeke “Diz” Matthews never forgot the woman he rescued from a burning boat. She invades his dreams at night and thoughts of her distract his days. Fed up with his cranky change in demeanor, his teammates urge him to take advantage of Madame Eve's 1Night Stand dating service.
....Kaci Phillips needs to start a new life. But she struggles to move on from the horrific event that claimed her whole family. When she reconnects with the sexy Air Force pararescueman who saved her six months earlier, the weight she's been carrying at last lifts.
....What begins as a hot, frenzied night of passion in each other’s arms ends with gunfire, blood, and the threat of death. With the odds stacked against them, can Zeke and Kaci defuse such explosive conditions?

Debbie: That’s all we got folks. If you have any great ideas to help an author or two get over a writing slump, leave us a comment. Would love some more advice.


  1. Those are some great tips. I'm fond of the brainstorming one. Brainstorming really jazzes me up. Another one that gets me going is watching a movie. Break away from the words for a bit and watch something. Somehow doing this stimulates a part of my brain that's been denied and then the words flow.

    And congrats on the upcoming release. Can't wait to read it!

    1. Thanks so much, Landra. I haven't thought about a movie, but you're right, a great movie always gets me thinking.

    2. I watch movies when I can. They are an inspiration I think because they are so visually stimulating. I like seeing the written word in my head as pictures, but it's interesting to see how others visualize things through movies. Very cool!

  2. Wonderful suggestions! For me, I write in a notebook then transfer to my computer so that I can write whenever I have a free moment. (Important with several kids around.) If I'm stuck with what I'm writing, I'll either take a day or two to read instead, or I'll write the story that my muse wants to write rather than the one I should be writing.

    All the best with your upcoming release!

    1. A notebook is a wonderful suggestion. While I'm at work I can jot stuff down that I never remember when I get home. Thanks, Jess!

    2. I keep a notebook, too, Jess! This last football season, it was wonderful for all those practices. I could work out full scenes or make notes or outlines. I've also heard a lot of authors keep notebook next to their bed so that if they wake up in the middle of the night or wake up first thing in the morning with a great idea, they can jot it down right then before they forget. I'm considering that one, too! :)