Thursday, October 9, 2014

Surgery, Bears, and Fiddles?

LJ: Hey, Deb! How’s it going?

DEBBIE: Grrreat!

LJ: Good. Wait…what’s that on your hand?

DEBBIE: A splint.

LJ: Are you okay?

DEBBIE: Never better… Mostly.

LJ: Were you doing jello-shots while singing karaoke on a balance beam again?

DEBBIE: One-handed keg stands while playing a fiddle with my feet.

LJ:  What??

DEBBIE: Why don’t you believe me?

LJ: Oh, I do! After all these years, I don’t doubt it. <shakes head> We talked about this, what might happen…. Oh, never mind. You’re gonna do what you’re gonna do. <sigh> Okay…so what do you mean by “mostly”?

DEBBOE” Okay…so I had Carpal Tunnel Release surgery on my right hand.

LJ: Does it hurt?

DEBBIE: Uh, yeah!

LJ: What about writing?

DEBBIE: I’m poking at the keys with my left hand.

LJ: Go you! And doing a lovely job. So, I saw on FB you had game cams. What all have you caught on video?
Bear Cam.... Gotcha!

DEBBIE: Bears, Deer, coyotes, turkeys, raccoons, ummmm, got a pic of an owl once, a fischer cat. Lots of squirrels. A few strange looking people here and there. Say, we should use one of these camera’s in Do No Harm, our next Pararescueman story. Ya know, how the bad guy kidnaps the Doc and the guys go after him? Maybe they can us a trail cam for surveillance. Of course if they knew where he was they’d just go barging in, so, maybe not.

LJ: LOL! I see they didn’t do a carpal tunnel on your brain….

DEBBIE: Funny! Also where we hunt, there’s
I can see dead people....
been this dude digging up an old settlement from back in the 1700s that was on the top of the mountain.

LJ: Sounds like an excellent setting for a story. Wait, haven’t we discussed that one?

DEBBIE: Yup. Some old dude ran from a treason conviction and the fate of death by hanging and brought his followers to the top of this Vermont mountain. Well, short story is, he left after a couple years, but most of his followers stayed for somewhere between 10-12 years until some epidemic wiped most of them out and then the remaining survivors left.

All didn't end well (yes, pun intended)
LJ: Bury the body, guys! Throwing it down the well has a way of coming back to bite you in the butt. <shakes head> So, someone found the original site?

DEBBIE: Yeah! Well this dude has been up there digging up the old foundations of houses and armories and mills and all kinds of stuff. Which is cool and all but….

LJ: But….??

DEBBIE: But what happens when he comes across the graves of all the children and adults that died up there? What happens when all those souls are disturbed and released? What if they aren’t happy about being disturbed? What happens if there is an evil soul among them?

LJ: Yeah…thinking we might have to revisit this story idea. And hey – you’re right there.

DEBBIE: Of course I’m right, sheesh. But anyway, let me just tell you, walking around up there in the dark is not fun. I’m more worried about the spirits of these people than the mama bear with her three cubs. And believe me she’s worrisome. Who knows what kind of evil this digger dude may have stirred up? Now what?

LJ: You can go up and interview ghosts and take pictures and stuff. During the day, of course. Tho, rumor has it time isn’t the same for spirits, so they might get you in daylight just as easily as in the dark. I mean poof there they are…grabbing you with their icy, boney fingers…dragging you toward that well. <nods> Yeah, even ghosts don’t learn from their mistakes. Doomed to repeat them over and over and over.

DEBBIE: Ya know? You are absolutely of NO help trying to calm my fears! And I DO NOT interview ghosts.

LJ: I know, right? I mean, what would you ask them? “Dude, so not cool how it all went down for you. Guessing there was no white light for you to go into. Bummer. How’s the afterlife treatin’ ya?” Pft. And they’d be all old-English and stuff. “I know not of what you speak. Get back, ye devil. Be gone!”

DEBBIE: <huge eye roll> Somehow I don’t believe you are taking my fears seriously.

LJ: What?? Of course I am!

DEBBIE: Uh-huh. Anyway, I think we should write a story about what might happen if these souls got released. We’ve talked about it before, but I have a different idea now, lol.

LJ: Did you get my get well card?

DEBBIE: Yes. Have I failed to tell you that and thank you?? Please forgive my bad manners. It was very kind of you. Actually <sigh> it was the only one I received. L

LJ: Well, everyone is about the Internet and FB and IM and all that.

DEBBIE: Soooooooo, I’m off to bow hunting safety course so I can use my super cool crossbow this season. We shall chat about that plot.

LJ: Ooo, I see the crossbow working with the gravesite digging story. Hmmm….

DEBBIE: Oh, btw, I got Kyle in our Decadent 1Night Stand story to the hotel and stripped. Your turn to introduce him to the doc. Mwahahaha!

LJ: On it! WooHoo!
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