Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Does a Pararescueman Wear Boxers or Briefs?

Debbie: Welcome Readers! We're here to interview Kyle and Melissa from our latest release Do No Harm.
L.J.: Yes, welcome! Let's get this rolling. I'm anxious to see what they have to say.
Debbie: Okay, okay, I’m going first and my first question is for Kyle. So, Kyle, what was your very first impression of Lis?
Kyle: I thought she was beautiful.
Debbie: Are you sure that was your FIRST impression?
Kyle: Yes ma’am.
Debbie: (turns to L.J.) Would you like to remind him of his first impression?
L.J.: As I recall, you thought she was a, and I quote, “Damn punk.”
Kyle: Well, she did call me a Neanderthal.
L.J.: And I believe you insulted her....
Kyle: I didn’t know she was doctor. She had that kid, and it looked like. And she--
Debbie: Didn’t you say something about her inappropriate attire?
Kyle: Yes. I told her to get dressed. I mean, she was out in front of everyone in a skimpy red bra. If I was looking, I know every other guy there was, too!
L.J.: And then you said “But let the professionals handle the rest. We don’t need you accidentally hurting someone more because you don’t know what you’re doing.”
Kyle: I told you that was before I she told me she was a doctor.
Debbie: I think she called you something back in return. Hmmm. What was that?
Kyle: I don’t remember.
L.J.: I do. She said, “Professionals? You look like one of those professional male strippers.”
Debbie: Honestly, I think Lis was right.
L.J.: Hmm. I don’t know. How can we know for sure? (snaps fingers) I know. Take your shirt off!
Debbie: Yes! Great idea.
L.J.: Debbie, get your cell phone and crank up the tunes. He’ll need to move around a bit for us to be sure.
Debbie: Done! And here are some dollar bills (stuffs money in L.J.’s hand).
L.J.: Uh, Debbie. What are you doing with 50 one-dollar bills in your purse?
Debbie: Walking around money. You never know when you might need a dollar for something. (cranks up -Sexy and I know It.)
L.J.: Alllrighty then! (waves a couple dollars in the air) Okay, Kyle! Get that shirt off and shake your booty! 
Kyle: Okay, okay, okay. You’ve made your point. I was an ass.
Lis:  (sitting next to Klye clapping) Thank you, Ladies.
Debbie: Well, to be fair, you were sitting there in the middle of all that chaos with no shirt, a bright red bra and a purple streak in your hair. Anyway, what was your very first impression of Kyle?
Lis: That he was a condescending neanderthal.
Debbie: He kinda was, wasn’t he?
Kyle: What is this, trash Kyle day?
L.J.: (Tosses him a twinkie.) Of course not Kyle. We love you.
Debbie:So guys, in your story, we are still chasing this psycho bomber. Lis, did you know you were a target?
Lis: I had no clue. I mean I’d obviously had heard of him. I was there when he set another bomb off. But I’d had no clue that I had become his target.
Debbie. But Kyle saved the day.
Lis: You could say that.
Kyle: What? You’re alive, aren’t you? I so saved your cute ass.
Lis: You did. But the process wasn’t exactly pain-free.
Kyle: Not like I had a lot of choice. And it beats the alternative. I’d do it again, just like that. Anything to keep you with me.
Lis: Awww. You’re a big softie. (she leans over to smooch Kyle)
Debbie: True love at its finest!
L.J.: Okay! So, time for the lightning round. We’ll take turns asking a questions. You each answer.
Debbie: Ready?
(Lis and Kyle nod)
L.J.: Dog or Cat?
Lis: Dog   
Kyle: Dog
Debbie. Chocolate or Vanilla?
Lis: Chocolate
Kyle: Both
L.J.: Romantic night out?
Lis: Rather stay in and have him cook for me.
Kyle: Beach, blanket, and a bottle of wine.
Debbie: Surf and turf or Lasagna
Lis: A salad. I’m trying to eat healthy.
Kyle: <snorts> Yeah, right. And you can call me Ishmael.
Lis: Okay, Ishmael. What about all those Twinkies you eat all the time?
Kyle: I’m not the one denying I like sweet treats. Course, you’re my favorite sweet treat, darlin’.
Lis: Well, which do you like, then? Surf and turf or lasagna?
Kyle: Both. With you for dessert.
L.J.: Ahem. Briefs or boxers?
Lis: Briefs   
Kyle: Commando
Lis: Can I change my answer?
Debbie: Apple pie or cheesecake
Lis: Cheesecake.
Kyle: Twinkies.
L.J.: Well, I’m sure no one saw that one coming.
Debbie: I did.
L.J.: Okay! Thanks for visiting with us today, Lis and Kyle. I’m sure we have a blurb and excerpt around here somewhere for our readers.

Do No HarmL.J. Garland & Debbie Gould

...Air Force Pararescuman, Junior Lieutenant Kyle “Raven” Alvarez has seen it all. After three years as the team’s medic, he’s been up to his elbows patching back together the worst humanity has to offer, overseas and stateside. So, when his team mates set him up for a date through Madam Eve’s 1Night Stand service, he jumps at the chance. But under no circumstances will he end up like Colin, Bobby, and Zeke...with a ring on his finger and a lifelong commitment. Just one night of hot, sweaty no-strings-attached sex, and he’ll be good to go. Besides, Madam Eve found three perfect matches already. He’s in the clear, right?
...Dr. Melissa Anne Carter has dedicated her life to saving people. Especially the innocent victims of rampant gang violence that come through her Emergency Department. Then out of the blue, her long-forgotten application to 1Night Stand is answered. Madam Eve has found her perfect match. Maybe a night in the arms of a man who can make her body sing will help her forget all the horror she’s witnessed and lives she couldn’t save. At least for a little while.
...But destruction at the hands of a madman has never hit so close to home, becoming more personal than ever. And when a man with a penchant for explosives vows revenge by abducting Melissa, the oath she took to Do No Harm takes on new meaning. Can Kyle and his team save the good doctor before the timer runs out—literally?

BUY: Amazon

“You need to move along, folks. Leave the roads clear for emergency vehicles.”
“I’m a doctor,” she told him. “I work here. Was called in.” She reached in her purse, pulled out her badge, and handed it to him.
“Just a minute.” The officer stepped back and spoke into his com mic.
She twisted toward Kyle. “Call me in a few hours. I’ll know more about what’s going on.”
“I will.” His gaze shifted over her shoulder for a second then he squeezed her hand. “I hate for you to go into something like that without me.”
“I’ll be all right.” I just hope my coworkers are. “It’s what I’m trained to do.”
“I know.” Drawing her hand to his lips, he kissed her knuckles as he met her gaze in the dim light. “Lis, I like you. A lot. Tonight was just the beginning if you feel the same way.”
Her heart stuttered. Can he know so soon? “I do.” She leaned into him, and his hand wrapped around the back of her head, pulling her in for a deep toe-curling, tongue-tangling, fire-in-the-pit-of-your-stomach kiss. Damn, the man knows how to say good-bye. “Wow.”


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