Monday, October 29, 2012

Interview with... Becca Dale

Debbie: Morning all, today we are in the Badlands of South Dakota looking for Author Becca Dale.
Laura: Becca Dale is here? Wait…is that her house? Umm…Deb?
Debbie: Yeah?

Laura: Are we stalking Becca Dale?

Debbie: No we are NOT stalking. Stalking is a very strong word. We are, ummmm, fans looking for an interview. Yeah, that’s it!
Laura: Okay, good. That’s what I thought. Because if we were going to stalk someone, I know we would’ve discussed it. In detail. You know, planned everything out.

Debbie: Ummm, I really don’t think that is something you can plan out to every detail. Too many variables. If we ever do stalk someone you will have to set your OCDness aside.
Laura: Hmm… (nods) So, did I hear you right when you said we were going to the Badlands?

Debbie: We’re here. I think?
Laura: (looks around) Sooo…you think that hooded dude is out there somewhere? Hunting us down?

Debbie: He’s been at almost every stop we have made. It’s really kind of creepy. I haven’t been able to figure out if he is around to guide us in our writing journey or lead us into the dark un-known. Hmmm, maybe those are one in the same with some of the stories we have cooked up.
Laura: LOL Yeah, that dude is popping up all over the place. I’d say he really made the characters work for their HEA in that story we just finished. I’m guessing he’ll show up again…maybe the next book in that series. 

DEBBIE: Oh JOY! Oh, shhh, someone’s opening the door. Well, look at this it’s Becca Dale. Hi Becca!
LAURA: Hey, Becca!

BECCA DALE: Hi ladies! I am so glad to be here today. Your blog is gorgeous and I love your work.
DEBBIE: Thanks so much and DITTO!

LAURA: Aw, thank you! And I’ve had a sneak peek at your upcoming release, The Millionaire and the Girl Next Door. What a great story. You would really like it, Debbie.
DEBBIE: It’s on my list!!

LAURA: Let’s jump right in. So what is it like living in South Dakota?
BECCA DALE: Quiet. My hubby and I live east of the river, and the tourism and such is all west, which is fine by me. We are surrounded by gently rolling hills, very small towns, and corn - lots and lots of corn.

DEBBIE: Ohhh, I could think of several plot lines that involve small towns and corn fields!
LAURA: Mmm…corn.

DEBBIE: LOL, come on, is that all you can think about is food?
LAURA: No. I was wondering where the local coffee house was. But since we’re here, I do have to ask. Why is it called the Badlands?

BECCA DALE: It’s a misnomer created by appearances. The Badlands are dry and uninhabitable for the most part beyond the few hardy species that still hang there. They do, however, have a rich archeological history, and the Lakota people used them as a defense against the army and as a place to practice forbidden religious rites like the Ghost Dance. If you go there, do not leave the road without water on hand, and never go alone. However, just like bad boys the Badlands are gorgeous and seductive. Their beauty is breathtaking and is something all people should experience at least once in their lifetime. Might be a place to fly over in a helicopter – the view would be spectacular.
LAURA: Cool! I bet it would be.

DEBBIE: Is your accent really like the movies, lol?
LAURA: Debbie! Good gosh…we’re here at an author’s home.

DEBBIE: What??? People want to know this sh*t.
BECCA DALE: Like Fargo? LOL – no, I don’t thinks so. Is it, L.J? Although I must admit I have met an old timer or two who came close. However, if you ever get a chance to read How to Speak Minnesotan you will gain a bit of insight into the culture of eastern SD at least, including the importance of a little lunch (this is not the mid-day meal). We take our food seriously here and will be happy to expound on the glories of lutefisk, lefse, rhubarb pie, and my favorite chislic, which is a food apparently unheard of outside of the state. If you don’t have time to read the book, drop by some afternoon. We’ll have a little lunch and a chat, don’t cha know.

LAURA: Wow! That last part sounded just like Fargo! Cool! But no, when we’ve talked, I haven’t really noticed an accent.
DEBBIE: Ohhhhhhh, I want to learn about those foods!! I love to cook!

LAURA: And who’s thinking about food now?
DEBBIE: Well that’s nothing new, I’m always thinking about food.

LAURA: Why writing? What got you started?
BECCA DALE: I have spent my entire life telling stories, either in my head or to anyone who would listen. I figured if I wrote them down, it might make me sound a little less crazy than just saying that the voices in my head entertain me.

LAURA: At last, someone else who hears voices in their head! I no longer have to be crazy alone.
DEBBIE: Oh please! She cannot hear the voices you do! Besides, it’s the people that don’t hear any voices that are nuts. Well, in my opinion anyway.

LAURA: Hahahaha! I totally agree. Plus, we’re never lonely or at a loss for someone to chat with. So, Becca, what genres do you write? Which is your fav?
BECCA DALE: I write short and usually sweet-erotic romance. No that wasn’t a typo. I sometimes make my erotic editors crazy when I put in a bunch of emotional stuff and when my characters refuse to dip too far into kink. Erotic Healing is the closest I’ve come to BDSM and true erotic stuff. I wander through the subgenres from paranormal to contemporary, but my work always contains some sweet heat. I haven’t tried historical yet, but it is on my list. As to a favorite, I have no idea. I love to read high fantasy, but I am intimidated by the world building involved. Of the ones I write, I would say paranormal. Can’t Stop Me is one of my favorites and I think it always will be.

DEBBIE: I love paranormal! Laura and I have written the first in a paranormal series and I am sooo happy with the way the first book turned out. It’s one of my favorites!
LAURA: Mine, too! It was a lot of fun, and I’m tickled that we’ve got the next three already laid out. Definitely keeps us busy. Hmm…share with  us an example of a typical day in the life of Becca Dale?

BECCA DALE: Oh, that is too boring to contemplate. I work from home so I kiss hubby good-bye around 7, take care of my dog, edit, write if I’m lucky, clean if I’m stressed or if I have to, convince my mother I am really working not just sitting around, kiss hubby hello, make supper, chit chat a bit, write if I’m lucky while American Pickers or Pawn Stars plays as background noise (hubs is a fan), go to bed around 1AM or so, and then start again the next day. Weekends are more fun – usually including friends, margaritas, good food, and lots of laughter.
LAURA: Sounds wonderful to me. J

DEBBIE: Give us a tour of your house.
LAURA: (elbows Debbie) Woman, what is wrong with you? She comes home, finds us in her yard, probably already thinks we’re stalking her…and now you ask for a tour?

DEBBIE: I keep telling you. It’s not for me it’s for our readers. They want to know!! Sheesh.
LAURA: Suuuure. Oh, wait. Look…she’s waving us inside! Hurry up before she changes her mind.

BECCA DALE: All right, let me see…Come on up the front steps and into the sun porch. The home was built in 1920 so it has a little age on it, but we like to call it character. We can sit out here in the wicker furniture if you’d like. My hubby hasn’t put the storms on yet so there’s a nice breeze.
DEBBIE: What about the inside?

BECCA DALE: Oh, you want to see more? Okay don’t mind the dust. My muse has been yelling at me of late.
LAURA: Dust? I wish my house had this little dust!

BECCA DALE: Okay, come on into the foyer. It’s small with a cute powder room straight ahead as you walk in, the open oak staircase leads to the upstairs, but there’s not much up there, two bedrooms, a bath, and my office. There is also a balcony off the upstairs hall and the stairway to a walk-up attic, which is a cluster so I won’t show you that.
LAURA: (pulls Debbie back down off the first stair step) Stay with the tour.

BECCA DALE: Let’s go to the left instead. The main floor has original oak flooring throughout. The living room (The upright piano belonged to my grandmother – isn’t it pretty?) leads into the dining room which has a wood burning fireplace with a ten-foot mantel. The eat-in kitchen (remodeled by my darling man) is very functional as you can see with a large pantry and a bookshelf he built for my collection of cookbooks. See why I adore him?
DEBBIE: I absolutely do!!

BECCA DALE: There’s another bedroom and bath in the basement along with the laundry room, a large family room with a pool table, and the six foot window I begged for. (Again, it amazes me what the man will do if I ask nicely.) It is a rare thing to have natural light in the basement of a home this age so I love it. The best part of my house though isn’t in it. Come outside with me.
LAURA: Ooo, outside.

BECCA DALE: This is my joy. Hubs and his friend poured and stamped this huge patio with fire pit. The flower beds stretch along two sides of the deep back yard and there are lots of trees including the enormous weeping willow toward the alley and a big vegetable garden to the north. Please, note the four hills of rhubarb for your eating and canning pleasure.
DEBBIE: I am in LOVE with the patio. Nothing more romantic that sitting by the fire on a dark night wrapped in the arms of your love.

LAURA: Yeah, I could definitely see a nice evening out here with a mug of hot coffee, looking at the stars. So nice. (whispers to Deb) Okay, so yeah. The tour was really great. Nice call. (turns to Becca) How much of yourself and the people you’ve met make it into your stories?
BECCA DALE: There is a little of my husband in every hero – the caring and protective core of my heroes (there even when it’s buried pretty deep) is always based on him. Otherwise, I tend to use people as visual inspiration more than anything else. I don’t want to imagine any of my uber conservative friends, family, or neighbors in an erotic scene. That would just be wrong on so many levels. Shudder. No one wants to picture someone doing the horizontal mambo and then sit down to a game of Farkle with him/her. I’d never be able to keep a straight face.

LAURA: Hahahaha Uh, no. Don’t think I could either.
DEBBIE: LMFAO!!!! (whispers to Laura –“Remind me to google Farkle.”)

LAURA: Check.
DEBBIE: My kids are very supportive of my writing, the ex, not so much. Do you have a support system?

BECCA DALE: My kids (both adults now) want me to succeed, but they do not read my stuff. (We don’t want to know what is in your head, Mom.) Hubby supports me unconditionally though he is jealous of my weekend time so I rarely write on the weekends. Mostly, my creative support comes from friends and fellow writers like you. Valerie Mann has been a rock since I started this venture. I must say she has been the one constant who never wavers in her support even when she is kicking my butt.
DEBBIE: Awesome. That kind of support is essential!!

LAURA: My hubster supports me, too. Course, Debbie’s always good for a kick in the rear.
DEBBIE: I try! So Becca, What is your favorite thing to do to relax?

BECCA DALE: Going camping with the family. It forces me to leave the computer behind because I rarely have internet.
DEBBIE: I love camping! Need to do more of it.

LAURA: Love sitting around the campfire, roasting marshmallows.
DEBBIE: Any bad habits?

BECCA DALE: I eat junk for lunch. A handful of marshmallows is easier to grab than a salad.
DEBBIE: LOL, me too, although I am trying to get better. Really I am.

LAURA: Mmm…marshmallows. When’s lunch?
DEBBIE: One track mind!

LAURA: What? We got sidetracked to campfires and marshmallows. I don’t see the problem. I do, however, see you have a dog. Any other pets?
BECCA DALE: On and off when the kids were young, but now it is just Jacky. He’s too old to want to share his home.

LAURA: Aww, what a sweetie.

LAURA: So, let’s talk books. Let’s start with Can’t Stop Me, a paranormal romance. What inspired you to write about a struggle between demons, God, and humanity?
BECCA DALE: Heather Bennett from Decadent Publishing came up with the idea to publish an anthology based on the songs of an LA band called Run Devil Run. The band’s name got my juices flowing, and then when I heard the song I’d been assigned, it all seemed to fall in place and became a race of good against evil with no clear lines drawn overall.

LAURA: Love hearing where story ideas come from. They’re all so interesting, and then to read the story…the behind-the-scenes knowledge gives insight.
DEBBIE: Tell us about the heroine, Luca. What does she look like?

BECCA DALE: She reminds Kern of an elfin princess, tall and lithe with wavy blonde hair that curls to her slender hips and frames her fragile features. And though sightless, her large, snow-blue eyes are gorgeous.
DEBBIE:  Oh, wow! She sounds amazing.

LAURA: What three words would you use to describe her?
BECCA DALE: Smart, adaptable, and resilient.

LAURA: Nice. Sounds like a strong heroine. Debbie and I both love strong, kick-butt heroines.
DEBBIE: The blurb states that Luca is blind. What inspired you to create a character with what most would consider an immense disadvantage?

BECCA DALE: Kern is part demon and part angel, but his human side prevents him from controlling some things that normal other-world beings take for granted like the fact that humans are enthralled by him. Luca needed to see him without seeing him. Making her blind was the easiest way to do that, but it was a constant challenge to experience things through her without sight.
DEBBIE: I bet. I also bet it was a great exercise in learning to be thank ful for what you do have.

LAURA: What is Luca’s most secret wish?
BECCA DALE: To live life outside the walls of her father’s home – to be a normal woman. Her connection to Kern helps her do that.

DEBBIE: Moving on to the hero, Kernan…what’s his biggest flaw?

BECCA DALE: I don’t know – I have seen him through Luca’s love so it is hard for me to see his flaws. He is more a man caught in the middle and doing the best he can to survive and protect those he loves than really flawed.
DEBBIE: Doesn’t sound like a flaw to me. Sounds pretty darn realistic.

LAURA: Hey, love can make ya blind. Tell us three things about Kernan that aren’t in the story.
BECCA DALE: Wow, it’s a short but we learn a great deal about him. He prefers Hersey’s with almonds over plain chocolate. He secretly wishes he were nothing more than a human man. And he would love to write and produce music for kids because he is fascinated by the joy of innocence, something he has never experienced except through Luca.

DEBBIE: Great! I hope he gets all he wishes for.
LAURA: What was the first thing he noticed about Luca?

BECCA DALE: The fact that her eyes seemed to see into his soul.
LAURA: Oh, wow. That’s cool.

DEBBIE: If he could take Luca anywhere in the world, where would they go?
BECCA DALE: Some little island in the pacific with no one else around. That way Luca could have free reign and could live without the sounds of Hell in her head, and he would not have to worry about hurting anyone accidentally. They would be free to live and love.

DEBBIE: That sounds so wonderful. I wanna go there!
LAURA: What’s your fav scene in the story?

BECCA DALE: When Luca first pushes all Kern’s buttons to get him to make love to her; or no wait, when Kern’s dad begs his wife to love him despite who he is; no, no, maybe when St. Anthony gives Luca strength through her parents’ love; or there is the time when… I can’t pick one. Sorry.
LAURA: Hahahaha. That’s awesome. Debbie and I have that same problem with our books.

DEBBIE: LOL! We sure do.
LAURA: Will there be follow-on stories to Can’t Stop Me?

BECCA DALE: As much as I loved Luca and Kern, probably not. Once I tell someone’s story it is hard for me to go back. Luca and Kern fulfilled their destiny, saved the world, and found their HEA, who could ask for more?
DEBBIE: Not me! I think I’ve found my own personal HEA, and its more than I ever thought to ask for!

LAURA: Okay, so let’s tease our readers. What are the first 7 sentences of the story? Yep, just the first 7.
Luca crouched between her bed and the wall, desperate to tune out the demonic screams of the damned. On nights her father opened the gates between realms, the horrors of the netherworld smashed her defenses and crowded out all decency. Pressing her hands to her ears did no good. The heartrending cries continued. She pulled her knees to her chest and buried her silent screams until her teeth cut through the thin material of her sweatpants and tore the flesh beneath. Hot tears, carrying the anguish of countless souls, soaked the cotton fabric.
....Be still…be still…be still….

DEBBIE:  Holy cow! I can feel her pain!
LAURA: Ooo…nice!

DEBBIE: On to Erotic Healing. I read Erotic Healing a while ago. Loved it. What was your inspiration?
BECCA DALE: As you both know, a couple of my friends, Valerie Mann and Kate Richards, had a brainstorm about an almost mystical matchmaker named Madame Eve who could overcome anything to find the perfect match. The girls asked me to write a 1NS to help launch the series, and I started to wonder what would happen if the greatest obstacle Eve had to overcome was the heroine’s own fears.

DEBBIE: I loved the heroine, Brenna. Tell us a little about her.
BECCA DALE: She was a fashion model with the aspirations and the looks to be a super model until a tragic accident scarred more than her face. She can’t get beyond the life-changing event and pushes away everyone from her old life because of it.

DEBBIE: I could see how the accident could have done that to her psyche.
LAURA: It says she was a runway model. What was the wildest outfit she ever wore for a show?

BECCA DALE: She helped at a benefit to fight pediatric cancer once, and they dressed her in an evening gown made from balloon animals. It was sort of cute in a weird way, but when the teenage boys started trying to pop her dress, it was difficult to keep her poise.
LAURA: Uh, yeah. I would think so! LOL

LAURA: What is Brenna’s biggest fear? Hope?

BECCA DALE: Greatest fear: That she will somehow bring down those who have stood by her. Greatest hope: To someday overcome the ghost pains that haunt her.
DEBBIE: Awwww!

LAURA: Tell us three things about her that aren’t in the story.
BECCA DALE: She is a huge reptile lover and has rescued an anaconda she hopes to return to the wild someday. She prefers showers to baths. And she loves Girl Scout Thin Mints and once bought thirty-five boxes over the selling season, but then gave all but three away so she didn’t eat them all.

DEBBIE: LMAO! She’s a far better woman than me. No one and I repeat no one is getting my thin mints! You hear that Mizzz Garland!
LAURA: Mmm…Girl Scout cookies. What is her fav food?

BECCA DALE: Besides Thin Mints? That would be grilled eggplant moussaka.
DEBBIE: Okay, google is going to become my good friend when we are done here.

LAURA: Yep. And you’ll have to tell me how your grilled eggplant moo…mous… that dish turns out.
DEBBIE:  Will do. So Becca, please tell us about Kostas. What does he look like?

BECCA DALE: He’s clean shaven with thick, short blond hair, blue eyes, and angular features. He is tall and cut thin, no bulk of any kind, just long lean muscles.

LAURA: Sounds like a hottie. What three words would you use to describe him?
BECCA DALE: Compassionate, caring, ordinarily fun-loving.

DEBBIE: Love him!
LAURA: All great traits for a hero for sure.

DEBBIE: What does he do for a living?
BECCA DALE: He mainly makes his money through investments.

LAURA: If he bought Brenna a present, what would it be?

BECCA DALE: Weekly housekeeping services so she wouldn’t have to worry about it.
LAURA: Woot! My kinda guy! Maybe my house would have less dust….

DEBBIE: HAHAHAHA! What is your fav line from Erotic Healing?
BECCA DALE: “Why don’t you outline the plan that has me stretched out like a frog in science class, and we’ll proceed from there.”

DEBBIE: HAHA!! Love it!
LAURA: Okay, another tease for our readers. Give ‘em the first 7 lines…you know the drill, just 7.

....Brenna Halsted’s fingers trembled as she clicked on her inbox and a response email from Madame Evangeline appeared. She had never done anything so insane in her life, but she needed a mental boost, something to break through the months of pain and emotional stress. Something to carry her away from the past and into the future.
....She almost deleted the message without reading it. What the hell was she thinking? Runway models did not hire a dating service to find a bed partner.
....You’re not runway material anymore.

LAURA: Oh, nice. Very emotional in just seven sentences!
DEBBIE: Any releases coming up or WIPs you’d like to share?

BECCA DALE: The Millionaire and the Girl Next Door will be available from Decadent Publishing at the end of Oct. It was written for their Western Escape and has a tender love story entwined with a bittersweet ghost tale. I hope readers will love it as much as I do. Here’s an excerpt if you want it.
....“What’s the matter, city boy?”
....Jake looked over his shoulder at the impish grin on Chris’s face. He had to smile back. He hadn’t heard her ATV pull in, but seeing her brightened the day a bit. “I can’t get in to Giles and Maryann’s cabin. Any ideas?”
....“You could hire the fire department to do a controlled burn.”
....“I’d rather not. I want to salvage some of the old logs if possible to use in the new house. Besides, maybe there’s buried treasure in there.”
....“In that case, I’ll help.” She swung off her four-wheeler and opened the toolbox, rummaging around until she triumphantly pulled out a crowbar. “Try this.” She tossed it to him. The wicked piece of steel whizzed toward his head.
....He dodged the wild throw. Irritated for a moment, Jake bent to pick up the bar then caught her checking him out. Her blatant appraisal made him want to forget the cabin and haul her off to his bed. She affected him too much for the amount of time he’d known her. Everything from her hair, just long enough for a man to wrap his hands in, to her tiny feet encased in chunky work boots turned him on. A smart man would kiss her until she gasped for breath, snuggled her soft curves against his chest, and let him strip her naked. Shaking off the inappropriate desire, he stuck the crowbar beneath the hinge pin and pried upward, but it slipped out of the niche he’d made.
....Jake tried again several times. Finally, she took it from him with a wry grin. “How do you dress yourself?”
....He probably should have been offended, but since she treated him to a nice view of her backside while she bent to work the lower hinge loose, he didn’t see a reason to complain. Her faded jeans stretched when she moved and clung to her hips. His body tightened, and he stuffed his hands in his pockets, desperately thinking of the boardroom and stockholder meetings to ward off the need to caress her rounded curves.
....Chris worked until the hinges and lock gave way, but the door remained in place despite her efforts to push it open. She looked over her shoulder at him and lifted an eyebrow. “Are you going to lend some muscle or let me do all the work?”
....“I don’t know. I could get hurt. I broke a nail this morning putting on my socks.” He held back a grin. Ready color brushed her cheeks and made her skin glow. She deserved to be embarrassed. The brat tried to make him feel incompetent at every turn.
....“Smart ass.”
....He chuckled. “Arrogant know-it-all.”
....Chris turned to stand inches from him. Her eyes danced with merriment. “Worthless urbanite.”
....Jake moved closer still. If she wiggled at all, her breasts would press to his chest. “Hick.”
....Her eyes shifted to his mouth. Jake nearly groaned aloud when she bit down on her lower lip and swayed toward him. “Is that what you really think of me, city boy?”
....A soft moan slipped from him as he steadied her with a hand on her hip. “Your brothers would gut and hang me from the nearest tree if they ever heard what I really think about around you, sweetheart. Sure you’re ready for the truth?”

DEBBIE: OMG!! I love this!!!! I can’t wait!
LAURA: I love the chemistry between Chris and Jake. They just clicked for me when I read the story. Very likeable, but they both had issues they had to deal with before they could be together. And I knew you’d like it, Deb. It comes out the end of this month.

DEBBIE:  Sounds like my kind of story for sure!
LAURA: Okay, Debbie…why don’t you throw some Quickies at Becca while I work up the Final Question….

DEBBIE: LOL, yes dear, we don’t want to tax you do we?
LAURA: What?

DEBBIE: (grins) Okay, here we go.

Black or Orange?
BECCA DALE: Black like hubby’s Harley

Water or Soda?
BECCA DALE: Can I have iced tea?
LAURA: Of course you can…but don’t tell Deb. Shhh….

Coffee or Hot Cocoa?
LAURA: Ding Ding Ding!

His shoulders or butt?
BECCA DALE: It’s all about the cute butt, baby.

Spiders or snakes?

Plane or Train?

Sea or Land?
BECCA DALE: Land by the sea

Flu vaccine or risk it?
DEBBIE: LOL I’m a nurse and yes it’s that time of year, Haha.
BECCA DALE: Risk it – the body needs to build up its own immunities though my RN sister-in-law would disagree.
DEBBIE: LOL, I’m kind of middle of the road about it. Although I do get one every year and knock on wood have been healthy every winter.

LAURA: Great job! (glances at watch) And completed in record time! Now on to the…

....You’re on a mission, flying from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, to Dallas, Texas. The plane takes off and you order a spiced rum and Coke to take the edge off. You glance down at your hand and grin at the plastic decoder ring you blatantly wear on your middle finger. A secret decoder ring? Yeah, with all the high tech gadgets, who would ever suspect? You sip your drink, the key to all the nuclear weapons launch codes as well as the fate of the world rests—literally—on your hand.
....You jerk awake. Wow, that rum packed a punch! You rise to head back to the lavatory and realize—oh, crap—the plane is empty. All you see is row upon row of vacant seats strewn with airline issue headphones and those crappy thin blankets. Someone spiked your drink and somehow managed to make seventy-five passengers disappear. You lift your hand and—double crap—you realize your decoder ring is gone. Man, the CIA is gonna be pissed, not to mention the rest of the world. Well, they can just get in line.
....Behind you, the pilots’ door slams open. There stands your nemesis, Sig Buckmed. Apparently those limericks you posted on his Facebook wall regarding his legendary moniker got him jonesing for revenge. Hmm…you destroyed his rep with his online bros and hos, and he destroys your CIA career. Tit for tat? Maybe, but the rhymes for Sig Buckmed had been just too good to pass up.
....He holds up his hand, the decoder ring glints on his pinky. You lunge for the secret nuclear codes, but he dodges, managing to pop open the airplane door in the process. Strapped to his back, a parachute. He jumps. Bastard.
....You can’t let Sig Buckmed sell the ring because, well, it would be wrong. No, it would be bad. No, well…it just pisses you off to have him one up you. Time for some revenge of your own. You dig in your pockets. All you have is… What the…a bag of peanuts and a ball of yarn you’d been using to crochet a scarf? Employing all your CIA training (you did finish training, right?)…What do you do?
BECCA DALE: (Oh you are going to regret a lead like this, ladies.)
....It’s do or die time! Clutching the peanuts and the yarn, I leap from the open door, arrowing my body—arms tight to my sides, feet pointed behind me—to dive toward Sig and his precious chute. The wind rushes past me, stealing my breath and reminding me that I am plummeting to my death, but I manage to stuff the peanuts in one pocket, the yarn in the other.
....Near as I can tell we’re somewhere over Kansas or Nebraska judging from the farmland below us. The distance between Sig and I narrows. I am almost upon him, but the ground is rushing up fast. If I don’t catch him before he opens his parachute, I’m a goner. Sig always did like to push the limits though, like that one time in Baja when he tied me up and used that feather duster to—
....Crap! Get your head in the game, woman!
....I am nearly close enough. He glances over his shoulder with a look of regret on his face. Then he sees me. I expected him to speed up. Instead he rolls to his back and spreads his arms and legs, slowing his fall. An evil smirk teases his lips the second before I twist so I won’t slam my head into his groin and land flat against his hard chest instead.
....He wraps his thick arms and legs around me and swings our bodies upright so he can open the chute. It fills and jerks, but he does not drop me. Though I question his shaky morals, his arms are solid. “You never could stay where the hell you belong, could you, Becca?”
....“Not when you have something I want.” The man has several somethings I want on a regular basis, but I am only interested in the ring. I work the yarn loose from my pocket and reach back to quickly bind his wrists together, and then lash our bodies to one another, tying it off with a series of knots. A single strand would never hold the man in front of me, but fifty tied him to me with no chance of escape.
....Once we are on the ground and I won’t risk losing it, I will strip him of the decoder ring and then maybe a few other things before I leave. Thoughts of him naked except for the rich maroon wool ramp up my desire to show him the error of his ways.
....He grins despite his predicament as I reach above him to guide us away from the cornfield and toward the open pasture below.
....“So will you be the pilot for this flight, Rebecca?”
....“No, I’m your flight attendant.” The way he says my full name, like it is a fine chocolate to be savored on the tongue, makes me want to offer him coffee, tea, or me.
....His seductive eyes promise sinful things once we land, and I can’t help but squirm a little as his feet hit the ground and my body weight shoves him down into the tall grass. As soon as I’m certain he hasn’t broken anything, I attempt to worm my way free. I am roped to him harder than I expected. It will take some maneuvering to separate us.
....“If you don’t stop that, I’m going to forget all the reasons you pissed me off and find a way to show you all the good parts of being tied to a Big…”
....I shut him up with a kiss. I don’t want him thinking about my childish behavior anymore than I want to think about the fact that he is not good for me in anyway. When I break the kiss, he is grinning again.
....“Were you going to offer me an afternoon snack, Ms. Flight Attendant?”
....I long to do nothing more than lie back and allow him to feed on me like he did that time in Fuji, long into the night, his lips and his oh so talented—
....I wiggle again just to make him a little miserable then squeeze my fingers into my pocket, and pull out the tiny bag. I hold up the foil pouch. “Would you like peanuts, sir?”
....His laughter scares a nearby cow, but I am pleased at this moment, in this quiet, idyllic place, with this wicked, wicked man.

DEBBIE: Awesome!!! I so want to see a sequel with these two the next time we visit with you!!
LAURA: WOOHOO! What a wild ride! Extra points for using coffee in your answer. Double points for startling that cow! LOL

DEBBIE: Coffee, Coffee, Coffee! Although, I have a slight confession to make. I drank the stuff on my drive to Florida and back. YES! Can you believe it?
LAURA: Thanks for joining us, Becca! You’re welcome back anytime!

DEBBIE: Thanks for talking with us, Becca!!
BECCA DALE: Well, thank you for asking me to stop by. It’s been a hoot.

Laura: Well, that was fun. What now?
Debbie: We can wander around the badlands.

Laura: Okey dokie. Hmm…think Becca will ever invite us back?
Debbie: Of course! Why wouldn’t she? We’re awesome! What’s this over here?

Laura: Debbie? Um, where are you going? Becca said to stay on the road.
Debbie: I just wanted to see….

Laura: (looks around frantically) Oh great. I don’t see the road and now we’re lost.
Debbie: We’re not lost. It’s the road that’s lost. We know where we are.

Laura: Yeah, lost out in the middle of nowhere. Wait…what’s that up there?
Debbie: OMG It’s him.

Laura: (shudders) The hooded dude found us again?

Debbie: He’s coming toward us.
Laura: Where’s his creepy boat? Hey wait, there’s no water around. How did he even get here? Damn, he must be hot in that hood.

Debbie: Quit worry about his sad fashion choices and hang on. (revs engine)
Laura: OMG…are you going to try to run over death?

Debbie: Got a better idea?
Laura: No. (clutches seat) I’m with you all the way…but I don’t think this is covered in our car rental agreement.

Debbie: Probably not.
Laura: Wait. (looks at dashboard) Isn’t that a GPS?

Debbie: Too late!

Can't Stop Me

....Prophecy proclaims a child of three worlds will lead the strong one to victory. Threatened by the church since birth and imprisoned by Lucifer’s elite force for over five years, Kernan Malanous represents demons, angels, and mankind, but who will be the strong one—God, Lucifer, or someone intent on overthrowing them both?
....Born the blind daughter of the greatest mediums in history, Luca Smith sees more than anyone suspects. Screams of the damned slash at her sanity as demonic visitors hide a stranger in her home. To quiet the horror echoing from the underworld, she seeks the prisoner’s soothing thoughts, offering him peace while finding her own.
....When the devil’s top gun comes to reclaim his prize, Luca risks her life to liberate the pure soul in her attic, but Kern won’t leave his beautiful innocent at the mercy of the merciless. Desperate, the young couple flees with hell on their heels. Unrestricted for the first time in their lives, Luca and Kern discover rare joy in one another, but all good has its counterpart. Torn between personal peril and world-wide destruction, will the young lovers run from fate or take a stand to fight and live as free beings?

Genre: paranormal romance, fantasy
Heat level: 3

....“Can you see at all?”
....“No. Why?”
....He spun toward her then. She stood on the other side of the bars, tall and lithe: an adult not a child. Kernan didn’t consciously cross the room but found himself in front of her all the same. The iron gate kept him from her as he soaked in her beauty. The young woman reminded him of an elfin princess. Wavy blonde hair curled to her slender hips and framed her fragile features. Long fingers gripped the bars between them and large, snow-blue eyes bore sightlessly into his soul. Don’t hurt her.
....“Why are you afraid?” The faint aroma of soap and female drifted to him. She reached out, but he moved before she could make contact. “Please, talk to me, mister.”
....“Kern.” It had been years since another human had touched him. Only his mother had ever brushed his cheek. His hand trembled as he caught her questing fingers and lifted them to his chest. “What should I call you, little one?”
....“Luca.” The name left her lips on a nearly breathless whisper. Her hand fluttered in his, a tiny caged bird.
....The instant the thought entered his head, Kern released her. Such a being could not survive captivity. “It’s a pretty name. Almost as beautiful as you.”
....She laughed again and pressed her hand flat over his heart. “For a person of interest to Laris, and Lucifer himself, you’re kind of corny.”
....His pulse raced at the close contact. Closing his eyes, he breathed her in. He had spent only five years in hell, but he’d lived his whole life behind walls, afraid what the sight of him would do to people. Taking her wrist, he held her in place, unwilling to lose her touch. “I want to kiss you.”

Erotic Healing
....A tragic accident shattered Brenna Halsted’s hopes and dreams. No one wants a runway model with angry scars that hurt long after the pain should have faded. Although her best friend tries desperately to talk her out of it, she decides a one night stand with a stranger on the other side of the world will break the cycle of bitterness and misery she has fallen into.
....Kostas Drakos fell in love with the spirited runway model nearly a decade ago. His heart longs for the woman who makes his body and soul ache. While the world watches her downward spiral toward depression, he’s determined to make her smile again. If a single night in his arms could break through the barriers, he would be content to see her happy. If he can make her love him while he’s at it, better yet.
....Can Madame Evangeline and her mystic ways bring two people together despite the limits of a one night stand?

Genre: Contemporary romance, Erotic romance, BDSM
Heat level: 4

....Brenna shook her head and read the note again.

Ms. Halsted,
....Welcome to Greece. I assume you will find your room satisfactory and the wine at the appropriate temperature.
....I have taken the liberty of placing guards outside your door. Should you feel the need of them at anytime during the next twenty-four hours, simply call my name and they will assist you in any way you desire.
....Please, do not take their presence as a lack of faith in your date for the evening. Mr. Kostas Drakos is a respected businessman. Rest assured, I have investigated every aspect of his personality and trust he will offer exactly what you need to overcome your problem. The guards are simply a security blanket, requested by Mr. Drakos himself. Should this venture exceed your comfort level at any point, the men will move you to different accommodations and ensure your utmost privacy.
....In the basket beside the bed, you will find everything you need to fulfill both yours and Mr. Drakos’s fantasies.
....Enjoy yourself, my dear ~Eve

....The basket held a red satin mask, two sets of matching fur handcuffs, several long strips of white silk, condoms, and another note requesting she remove all clothing and lie on the bed wearing nothing except the blindfold.
Good God, what have I done?

Author Bio:
....Along with her husband and a very spoiled Bichon, Becca Dale lives in beautiful South Dakota, the state with Mt. Rushmore and the Badlands. Fortunately, she lives on the eastern side of the river where no one visits and the loudest noise comes from the humming windmills. Unfortunately, no one visits and the only noise comes from humming windmills. She loves to hear from readers so feel free to contact her. or like her on Facebook , follow her on Twitter , or stop by her blog .




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  2. Becca, that was the best final question answer ever! Awesome! And I can totally relate to every hero having a part of the hubby in them. I used to live in a house surrounded by corn fields, too. Then I watched the movie, Signs, and I wanted to move back to the city. Now, hoping to move back to the country soon. Just won't watch Signs again. LOL

    All the best, ladies! :)

    1. Thanks, Jessica. Signs freaked me out, too.

    2. Okay, yeah...Signs was a bit freaky. But hey, when it comes to cornfields, I always think Field of Dreams. :)